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5535 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77056
Call: 713-443-8275 5535 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77056

Embrace Your Exotic Side with Houston's Best
Belly Dancing Classes

Interested in exploring your exotic side? Indulge yourself in Dance Passion Studio’s Belly Dancing classes. Beautiful and certainly enticing, Belly Dancing is a sensual art form that will get your body moving in ways that you never thought you could.

Our goal is to create a relaxed setting in our Belly Dancing classes, allowing you to feel confident exploring this feminine art form and releasing your inner belly dancer. It is a great way to make new friends while enjoying exercising and learning something new.

Belly Dancing

What you will learn?

It's no secret that every part of the body is involved in this style of dancing however there is special emphasis given to the hips with the rhythmical circle eights and other mesmerizing movements like the hip lift and hip rolls.

The arms are also a very important part of belly dancing with snake arms and other variations adding to the exotic element of this dance. And of course we don't want to forget the graceful turns and unforgettable shimmies we find so alluring.

A feature which distinguishes this dance from all other dances is the consistent use of props. From the coin hip scarves emphasizing the hip movements to the beautiful flowing scarves and the rhythmical zills, props are part of what make this dance so unique.

Who should take Belly Dancing classes?

Belly dancing is fun for women of all ages who want to explore this sensual form of dance in a friendly atmosphere. Belly dance can be adjusted to accommodate any fitness level. Benefits of this enticing dance include increased flexibility, improved core strength, better posture and a beautifully toned body!

What to Wear?

Light workout clothes are suitable for our Belly Dancing classes. You will want to wear something you can move freely in and feel comfortable wearing. Yoga or jazz pants are a good choice. The coin hip scarves make the class more fun and energetic as many of the moves will involve hip movements.

Will it take a long time to get good at Belly Dancing?

As with any dance repetition is an important part of learning. Different Belly Dance elements are taught every class and once you become comfortable with the basic moves we start 'layering' the elements.

Each class will include 'drills' and 'mini routines' that are a fun way to become more comfortable with the moves and rhythms of the dance.

After a few classes the movements will begin to feel more natural allowing you to progress to more challenging belly dancing elements.

So whether you’re looking for a fun way to exercise, want to make new friends or simply because you find yourself drawn to this alluring dance, our group classes are ideal for learning belly dancing in a fun laid back setting.

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