Great Dance Class for an Outing with the Girls 

EV004621Have your outings and get-togethers with the girls gone stale, lately? Are you falling back on the same old ideas—movies, drinks, and dinners at the same places? If it’s time to shake things up with friends, dance classes are the perfect places to shake in general and you can turn them into the perfect girls’ night out.

It Suits Your Schedule

It isn’t always easy finding time for your friends. However, when you are learning something new and exciting, everyone is motivated to find the time. So, when you need a change, dance classes can be just what you and your friends are looking for. They are as flexible as you need them to be. If you go out with the girls on an evening during the week, you can probably find a class then. If you get away together on the weekends, you can take classes then, too. Whatever your normal time to meet up, you can probably find a course.

Even if your schedules change, and so your time together does, too, dance is accommodating enough for that, as well. When you call, e-mail, and text to arrange your next outing, just include the dance schedule. Together, you can narrow down the best times according to the schedule of classes. You may find it helps you decide on a time.

Arrange Something Special

Every now and then, you may want to go out and do something arranged just for you and your friends—something reserved for only your attendance. This is possible with private lessons. They’re not for singles only. If you and your handful of female friends want to have a private lesson, just ask. It is also a great way to make the activity fit into your schedules.

Make a Plan to Use Your Skills

What purpose might a group of friends have to take dance lessons together? Other than doing something different and having fun, you can find any number of reasons to do so. Form a plan. Together, you can find or create a future event that calls for dancing. Choose a club, dance event, or party. Or, plan a party yourselves. Then, choose the dance. Take classes and lessons and have fun learning together. Then, when the time comes, take those skills and use them. Dance a night away at the club. Attend a dance event and participate, maybe even compete. Throw a party, invite more friends, and show off what you’ve been learning. There are plenty of possibilities.

You can all plan to wow your husbands and partners. Perhaps you all wish you had more chances and reasons to dance with your significant others. So, take lessons together. Not only do you spend fun time together, but you also do something to potentially benefit your other relationships. You could even invite your partners along.

Let us be part of your next girls’ night. Come learn to dance together at Dance Passion Studio.

The Other Side of Dance Classes 

Athletic dance teacher instructing retired woman in the ballroomMany people find dance classes fun. They make for a great social pastime. However, there is another side to dance classes; they’re more than a way to have some fun. They offer ways to maintain mental and physical health, interact with others and be more social, and rekindle loving relationships.


Health is very important. Every day we read about the poor state of people’s health in the U.S. While there are plenty of ways to be active and healthy, any activity that qualifies as a way to do so deserves some consideration. Dance is also more than a way to get the body moving—it’s something that gives many people joy. Finding joy in something that helps you stay healthy is not always an easy thing.

Dance also has the potential to aid in the improvement of mental health. In some cases, dance is even recommended by physicians to help manage problems like anxiety and dementia. Studies have shown that the mental power necessary to learn dance serves as exercise for the mind, as well as relief from the symptoms of some mental illnesses. When something like dance offers such strong potential health benefits, it’s worth taking seriously.


For most people, being social is an essential part of life. Without some human interaction, we never learn to communicate and connect with others in healthy ways, which can impact our lives negatively in many ways. Dance classes offer opportunities for social interaction. However, they do not force immediate connections upon people, which can be essential for those who want more interaction, but need a little extra time and space to do so. The activity serves somewhat of a distraction so that dancers do not feel too much pressure to interact. Enjoying the dance also helps distract from and alleviate any anxieties associated with social interactions.


Relationships are about connection and closeness. When two people who love one another find their relationship lacking, or are struggling, a classic method for renewing feelings is to find an activity that you can do together. Often, the activity should allow two people to cooperate, work together, as well as feel emotionally connected. Dance classes or private dance lessons can offer all of this. Learning dance together requires communication and cooperation; two people must learn not only to move together, but to anticipate one another, as well. Plus, the physical closeness and music create an emotionally charged atmosphere capable of reigniting that romantic spark. It also helps that the feeling doesn’t have to end in class; a couple can take what they have learned and use it almost anywhere they please, and anytime they need to feel closer again.

There is plenty to love about dance. Come find out more about all the benefits of learning to dance by signing up for classes at Dance Passion Studio today, and have fun while learning something new.

A New Plan for Your Health with Dance

EV004621Health is a complex thing; everyone maintains their health in different ways for their different bodies. That is why there are so many options for people who search for methods to stay healthy. All good health plans have a few things in common: good foods in moderation, exercise, and persistence. If you’re working to make a new plan for your health, consider adding a dance schedule.

It helps vary your exercise patterns.

When trying to maintain a health plan, many people struggle with the exercise routines for various reasons. Life may become busy and make it difficult to keep it up. Or, routines sometimes become a little dull. Dance is a great thing for both schedules and variety. When life gets busy and you need to be able to schedule your time well in advance, dance classes allow you to do that. Sign up for classes one or two weeks ahead of time, sometimes more, so you can make sure they fit into your plans. If you have time between dance classes, you can still continue your normal exercise program. When combined with the classes, you have something to break up the routine and keep it interesting.

It’s easier to keep up the program with some variety.

The more you enjoy your healthy choices, the easier it is to stick with them. If you can find healthy foods you love, you’ll want to eat them more. If your exercise increases your heartrate with both joy and exertion, you’ll want to do it more often. Dance has the potential to do this for you, thus increasing your chances of staying with your plan.

Dance uses different muscle groups.

When you are trying to be healthy, you need to exercise everything. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can do aerobics that require the entire body, or spend a bit longer working one part of the body at a time. Dance is an activity that moves many parts of the body. It’s a great compliment to your regular routine; whether you run, do yoga, or other cardio, dance is a great addition to work your muscles.

Make a new health plan and let us be part of it at Dance Passion Studio. Come dance with us today.

Reducing Anxiety Through Dance

dance, healthAnxiety is often misunderstood by people who are unfamiliar with it. It is generally more than the standard stress many people feel. Clinical anxiety can be debilitating, affecting a person’s ability to function normally. A doctor may prescribe many medical treatments for anxiety, in addition to some simple lifestyle changes. Exercise and something different in the schedule may be part of those changes, and dance is a great possibility.

Dance as Therapy

Dance therapy does not have to be what many people think of when they hear the phrase—people in a gym class or office being taught “movements” that supposedly help calm them. Rather, dance therapy may simply be a doctor-approved attempt to find something healthy that gets your body moving and your mind off of anxiety.

People who struggle with problems like anxiety may find that almost any type of dance can be very therapeutic. From sassy Salsa and Tango, to graceful and soothing Ballroom dances, as long as you enjoy learning and doing, the therapy is probably working. Studies have shown that, while it may not have a curative effect, people who choose to add dance to their overall doctor-prescribed treatments see and feel real positive results.

Studies suggest that the process of learning complex steps relieves anxiety by consuming your concentration, forcing you from your overwhelming anxious thoughts onto something better. To put it simply, the mind becomes focused on something else. Dance goes beyond physical exercise—which is important, of course—because it requires a focused mind. One of the many problems with anxiety is that it clouds the mind; many describe the feeling as being overwhelmed by a mass of negative thoughts. Learning to dance leaves no room for that.

Studies on dance therapy have been conducted on patients with a number of disorders, including anxiety. In these studies, patients that spent time learning to dance generally fared better than those who did not. Dance is more than the average method for lowering anxiety; it adds fun to the method. It is a challenge, but an enjoyable one that almost anyone can undertake. It’s affordable and easy to find classes. Also, if you want company, you don’t have to do it alone. Some people’s anxiety is relieved by the presence of a trusted person—a family member, spouse or partner, friend, etc. Dance classes offer the opportunity to both relieve anxiety through movement, and through contact and comfort of others.

Of course, people with anxiety sometimes struggle with social interaction, fraught with overwhelming fears of judgement and comparing themselves to others. A person with this sort of anxiety-related issue can still dance as part of therapy. That is why private lessons exist—people sometimes need lessons in a more private environment.

Clinical anxiety can be a complex thing to treat. A doctor may prescribe many things to aid a person in maintaining a normal life and keeping the anxiety under control. Asking about dance lessons is well-worth trying; it could be an effective, affordable, fun addition to overall treatment. If your doctor thinks that dance lessons could help you manage anxiety, register for dance classes at Dance Passion Studio today.

Learning More than Steps in Dance Class 

dance, mind, body, healthIt is obvious that the primary reason for taking a dance class is learning to dance. There are other, deeper, less obvious potential reasons—exercise, socialization, romance, etc. Yet, whatever your reasons for choosing to take dance classes, there are things you may learn that you never intended. Sometimes, something like dance class can teach you things about life that you did not plan on learning, but that could hold value for you for a long time to come.

The best things in life are worth the effort.

Learning to dance takes time. Some people may learn faster than others, but even those who learn quickly will find that persistence and a can-do attitude goes a long way. It is worth it for many people; dancing is a great pleasure in life and much of the enjoyment comes from both learning, and then doing once you have learned. That is because the best, most enjoyable things in life sometimes take a little time.

However, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will learn to dance and how easy it can be when it is taught by a professional dance instructor. Plus, when you are having fun it doesn’t even seem like you have to try because you are just enjoying the moment.

Things go much faster if you remember to pause and really listen.

Most of us feel we listen to the people around us. We are told from a very young age to do so. When you take a dance class, listening and paying attention becomes very important. You have to watch and really listen to your teacher. The more you do, the faster you will learn what is being taught. Sometimes we’re reminded by something like dance that we can always be better at listening, and that, when we make the effort, certain things are improved.

Remain aware of those around you.

Whether you’re driving, walking down the street, or doing anything else, it’s essential to remember that there are others to consider in your actions. We know this and we sometimes forget it; we all get caught up on our own lives and thoughts. When you dance, you’re quickly reminded that, as you learn the steps, you must also learn how to take them without running into others. Over time, it almost becomes second nature to both dance and avoid collision with other dancers. It’s a good reminder of how important it is to keep the people around you in mind.

You may not develop perfection with practice, but you will get better if you stick to it.

You have heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” This may not be entirely true; it’s arguable that perfection isn’t really possible in many cases. In fact, you may have experienced this at some point in your life. However, regular practice does make you better and get you where you want to be over time. This is, yet again, something that we sometimes forget as we grow up.

Dance instructors are aware that students will need a little extra practice to get the steps down, so classes and private lessons always give students the opportunity for a little extra practice on any new steps.

If you want to learn to dance, then call us at Dance Passion Studio. We love to teach dance for many reasons—there is so much more to learn than just the steps.

Make Dance a Summertime Goal

EV004621Every season holds its own individual joys. It has its own holidays, activities that people like to do, and more. Any time is a great time to take up dance classes and lessons; dance is an any-season activity. So, why not take advantage of that this summer?

If you are making summer goals—traveling, saving money, losing weight, learning something new, or anything else—consider making dance a part of your summer goals. Here are some reasons why.

Summer is a time to enjoy.

Summer is generally a time when people do the things they want. School is out and students are ready to enjoy their vacation. People travel and seek out the more pleasurable things in life. They use their time off from work. All of this equals an excellent time to take up dance classes.

Make dance classes part of your summer fun. Your mind and body stay active, you have something to break up your summer work week, and yet another item on your list of summer pleasures. Plus, if you attend any summer events, you’ll be ready for dancing.

You can stay active and still keep your summer schedule.

For many, summer is a time to relax. However, most people also want to stay active. They want to have equal parts relaxation and activity. There is no reason why they cannot. Add some dance classes to your summer schedule. You can keep both your body and mind active; you learn something and move your body. Dance also lets you accomplish this in a comfortable setting, away from the summer heat waves. When you’re finished, you can have that nice downtime, or take what you’ve learned and use it. You can make time for classes even if your summer is full of fun plans. Dance is a positive addition to your summer.

Make some new friends.

Do you enjoy chances to get out in the summer and engage with people? Or, do you have a goal to be more social? Dance classes allow that. You never know who you’ll meet. And, if you need a little practice socializing, you can get that, too. You might just add to your list of people with whom you can have some summer fun.

By fall, you’ll be ready to dance.

Do you enjoy autumn parties and gatherings of any sort? You can show off your moves. If you’ve never really been interested in attending fall and winter events, you may find yourself ready to, once you’ve learned your new dance moves. Ultimately, you get to have fun learning in the summer, and have fun using what you’ve learned by the fall. Enjoy that autumn dance, Halloween party, or Christmas gathering and dance with confidence.

Summer is the chance to do a lot—have fun, relax, be active, learn something, go somewhere, meet people, and more. Take that chance and dance. Come to Dance Passion Studio. We have plenty of classes for you to add some fun to your summer schedule and goals.







Busting Dance Class Myths

Couples having dancing classMisconceptions and myths abound about many things, including dance classes. Some myths are pervasive enough to keep people from taking dance classes, which keeps them from potentially fun, useful experiences. Here are some of the myths that need dispelling:

“I don’t have natural talent and learning to dance will take too long.”

No one inherently knows how to dance. Professionals have to learn, too, and while they might have a natural inclination, those without that inclination can learn, as well. They can do so in as much or as little time has they want, or have. Don’t let fear that you’ll struggle stop you; you can conquer dance when you want, if you try.

“Lessons are just too expensive.”

You can take as many, or as few classes as you want, or can afford. There are also plenty of specials and offers to be had. These things add up to affordable dance classes. At Dance Passion Studio, we do our best to make sure you can afford dance classes with us because we want you to enjoy dance as much as we do. So, before you decide not to pursue dance classes because of cost, talk to us. We offer very inexpensive classes at $50 per month–$12.50 per class–or private lessons, for which you can pay as you go. We also have package discounts.

“I need a partner and I don’t have one.”

Having a partner whom you know in dance class is nice, but it’s not necessary. You can find a partner in class. In fact, you may find that you make new friends, or at least friendly acquaintances. You won’t be alone, either. There are plenty of people just like you, who will need a partner in class. Plus, once you start dancing, you and everyone around you will have a great time learning and concerns like having a partner no longer seem important.

Find out for yourself just how great dance classes can be. Visit Dance Passion Studio.

No Rhythm, No Problem: Learn to Dance

EV004621You have heard it said that some people just have “two left feet.” It’s often an excuse not to dance. Well, there is simply no excuse not to dance if it is what you want to do. If you find it difficult and feel you have no rhythm, all you need is practice with the right teacher.

Rhythm comes naturally to most people. Even those who feel they have none are typically held back by things that have nothing to do with their ability to sense rhythm. Sure, maybe they’re less inclined to it than some, but that does not mean they cannot learn it if they want.

How can someone learn to have better rhythm?

Like anything, it takes practice. There are few better ways to find your rhythm than learning to dance. First, however, you will have to overcome some of the other obstacles.

Self-consciousness is a rhythm killer. When you’re so worried about how you appear to others, you cannot truly focus on the task at hand. And, when finding the rhythm does not come easily to you, you need that focus. So, you will have to charge forward and resist the temptation to be affected by those around you. Learning to dance can help with this, too. When you take dance classes, you’re surrounded by people who are also learning to dance. They are so focused on learning their own steps that they are unaware of any struggles you may be having.  And of course, your teacher is there to help you along the way, as well.

When you’ve come to the point where that insecurity no longer troubles you, you can focus on changing the way your body does movement. Dance is about movement in patterns of both time and space. Sometimes, your brain understands the patterns in sound and movement, but your body is slow to catch up. That is just fine; that’s why there is dance practice. Your body has the ability to learn these patterns; we all do it from the very first day we learned to walk. Now, you’re just moving in more complex patterns, and like your baby-self learned to walk, now your body is learning to dance.

Ren McCormack taught the rhythm-less Willard Hewitt how to find the rhythm in Footloose. I may have just been a film, but it has some truth to it. Anyone can find the rhythm and learn to dance. Come to Dance Passion Studio and let us help.

Salsa Your Way to Better Balance

Latin danceNot everyone has great balance. Not everyone can hold those yoga poses for the count of ten. That is alright, though. This does not mean that you can’t do things that require balance, or even improve your balance overall.

Salsa is something that requires balance. You have to be able to step and move in various directions, one foot at a time, without falling off of the one foot that sometimes is the only thing keeping you steady as you do the move. You need to be able to step in and out quickly, and sometimes to spin. Does this sound impossible for the balance-challenged? It’s not. In fact, learning to dance can help you improve your balance significantly.


When to put your foot down and went to lift it is one of the keys to good balance, and not just during dance. Some people just have a hard time when it comes to that instinct to switch feet in order to prevent stumbling. To Salsa, you need to learn that timing. You learn how to sense the beat, and then how and when to place your foot. It takes time to learn, but if you learn when to step, you reduce the risk of being thrown off balance.


Salsa calls for good posture. It requires strong leg movements with nice, straight backs and shoulders. When your body is in a strong position like this, you’re less likely to stumble because your upper body does not waver when you step and throw you off. You learn to feel the steps rather than look down at them, which is important when it comes to reaching that state of natural balance.


Your partner is also a key to helping stay balanced. Salsa is about dancing with someone. You rely on each other to communicate and move together. A good partner will help you do more than take the right steps; he or she will provide support and physical guidance. This is a great help when you’re learning when to step and how to step. Before long, you won’t have to rely on your partner much at all, and, instead, your partner will be able to rely on you much more.

Come to Dance Passion Studio to find out just how much Salsa can improve your balance. Sign up for our classes today.


Add Some Private Dance Lessons to Your Schedule

Dance classes are fun and useful for many reasons, and for anyone. You can find classes in almost any sort of dance, and in addition to learning, you can make friends. Private lessons have their benefits, too, and some people prefer them. If you cannot choose between the two, there is no reason why you should have to do so. In fact, combining group classes with private lessons could give you double the benefits.


Private lessons mean more time for you.

Teachers do their best to accommodate all of their students during classes. The great ones know how to present lessons in ways that work for different learners. Even so, everyone could use more one-on-one time with their dance teacher. Private lessons are the best way to do that. You don’t have to give up the group class if you enjoy it; just add a few private lessons and ask your teacher to spend more time with you on the things you learned in the class.

You can refine what you’ve already learned.


You can also use the time to practice what you learned in class. That way, you can focus on learning what’s new in your next group class. Or, if things go well, you can sign up for more advanced classes, faster.

You can learn something specific while learning other dances.

During private lessons, you can certainly tackle something new, something besides what you learned in your classes. You can create almost any combination of learning you want. Take Ballroom classes and private lessons for Western dances. Take Salsa classes and private Tango lessons. Or, take any classes you like while learning something special for an event.

Whether you want to take group classes and be social, or take private dance lessons, or do both, we offer it all at Dance Passion Studio.