Make a Date Out of Dance Class  

Young couple in loveFirst dates can be nerve-wracking; everyone wants it to be special. Of course, many dates end up on fallback activities, like a simple dinner, if only to make it something that you can get out of easily if things go wrong. It doesn’t always have to be this way, however. There are many activities that make for great first dates, and if you are looking for something that qualifies, make a date out of dance class.

Dancing is almost guaranteed to make things fun.

Everyone likes music of some kind. Most people like dancing. While a few people might be nervous about learning to dance, going to a dance class is a great way to move past that nervousness together. Between learning something new, making mistakes at which both of you can laugh together, enjoying the music, and all the other things that come with dance class, you will be having fun in no time. All that first date nervousness goes away, and you have a fun, original first date.

In fact, dance class is a very unique first date idea.

Why spend money on something that you and the person whom you’re dating could do at any time? You can go out to eat anytime, anywhere. How many times do you go to dance class, however? If you’re looking to impress your date with something new, dance class can be just the thing. It’s not easy getting to know someone new, and the distraction of dance is a great way to take the edge off the nervousness, giving the two of you a chance to get to know one another in a fun way, and possibly learn more than you might have on an average first date. Choose dance classes for your date, and you are likely to get some extra points for a unique idea.

You get more for your money.

At a restaurant, you get food, and maybe some conversation. If you’re lucky, you generally like each other and want to go out again. At dance class, you get much more, and all for a reasonable amount of money. You get a new experience, social interaction, to learn something new, a chance to have fun, and more. You get all this, plus the chance for romance with your date. Even if you don’t click with that person as you hoped, you may find yourself clicking with the dance lessons, and coming back for more of them. It may even become your favorite date activity to impress your future partners.

A date is a chance at romantic happiness. Go all out; make a date out of dance class and improve your chances of everything—fun, romance and a second dance, learning something new, finding a great new activity, making new friends, and much more. Bring your date to classes at Dance Passion Studio. We love to make your dance class experiences the best so that you’ll want to come back, with or without your date, time and time again.

Dance Class for Stress Relief  

Couples having dancing classIt is said by many that Americans are overworked. There are numerous studies and articles on the connections between poor health and stress because many believe that there is a direct correlation. You may not be able to stop being overworked at the moment, but if you are stressed there are some measures you can take to help alleviate that stress. Get rest, eat well, take your vacation time when you have it, and take dance class for stress relief.

Different types of dance have been used as part of physical and mental therapy for years. Whether or not it is doctor-recommended depends upon your own physician. However, if you are in sound enough physical condition for dancing, according to your doctor, then dance could easily become one of your outlets for stress relief.

Develop Your Exercise Routine

Being overworked also means that most people don’t get enough exercise. They are often too exhausted after a long day of work to try, even if they could find the time. It is an essential part of good health, however, and it must be done. The fact that it’s necessary often doesn’t help motivate people to do it. What may motivate people, however, is having something interesting to do.

Dance makes a great part of many exercise routines because it’s a break from the norm. When running is simply too much, or you are lacking in any interest to get you motivated, look to dance as something to get you up. Music is part of what makes dance interesting enough to get even the most stressed person moving. Music and the movement that comes with it are well-known for their abilities to help people relax.

Distract Your Mind

One of the causes of stress, or perhaps the continuation of it, is the mind. When you’re overworked and tired, you have little control over when your mind runs with the lists of things that need to be done, things that you should have done, things you wish you had done differently, etc. It’s all very overwhelming and stressful. To get past it and reduce stress, you need a distraction. That is where dance class comes in.

Focus on your feet; your brain uses its power to help you and your body memorize those steps. Add your posture and the movement of the rest of your body to the mix. That complexity will keep your mind focused. Before you know it, you’re no longer stressed. You’re learning, exercising your body and mind, dancing, enjoying the music, and leaving that stressful world behind.

Take a dance class for stress relief. We believe in the power of dance at Dance Passion Studio, and we’re happy to help you leave that stress behind. Come dance with us.

All Adults Should Try a Dance Class

Group of people dancing in dance classSome people learn a dance very early in life. There are still many places and families in which knowing how to dance a little is commonplace. That doesn’t mean that every adult knows how to dance, or that every adult is good at it. It also doesn’t meant that others can’t learn, or won’t enjoy it. There is something in dance class for everyone, and it is never too late to try and learn. If you’re an adult, you should try a dance class, whether you learned to dance when you were young, or not.

Learning Something New

There comes a time in most adults’ lives when they begin to feel like it’s too late to learn certain things. This is particularly true if those things are physical activities. Dance isn’t one of those things that you have to leave behind you when you become an adult.

There is never a wrong time to learn how to dance. You don’t have to become a professional, and there are so many types of dance out there from which you can choose that you can easily find something suited to your activity level. You are perfectly capable of learning something new, and never too old to enjoy what learning to dance has to offer.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

As we grow into adulthood, we sometimes find a comfort zone and remain there. We develop a life, friends, routines, and don’t often venture outside them. There are many benefits, however, to shaking things up and getting out of that comfort zone.

If going to a social occasion like a dance class to learn while surrounded by other people is something you wouldn’t normally do, then you should try it. You could be very surprised by how much you benefit from meeting new people, learning a new activity, and of working through the initial discomfort you might feel. You just might enjoy yourself.

We don’t just want you to dance at Dance Passion Studio; we want you to get so much more out of the joy that is learning to move. Try a dance class. Even as an adult there is so much waiting for you here.

Improve Your Life with Dance

Young couple dances Caribbean SalsaDance is great for your body. It’s also great for your confidence, mental stress reduction, and much more. In fact, learning to dance has the potential to make many things in your life a bit better, if not much better. If you need a boost in your life, be it energy throughout the day, confidence or less stress at work, or patience at home, you can improve your life with dance.

Too many hardworking people neglect their health to meet their career goals. Most, if not all those people know that this is unhealthy. However, we live in a time and world in which a lot of emphasis is placed on work ethic, income, and moving up in a career. Of course, not all people are aware of just how much work, and other stresses in life are affecting them.


Confidence stems from success. It’s even better when that success is the result of good work ethic. If you are having trouble with confidence in your life—at work, socially, in relationships, etc.—you might just need the push of some success outside of work. This builds confidence, and you can take that confidence to work, and anywhere else.


Sometimes, all we need is a little change in how we perceive our appearance. It’s not always about how others see us, but how we see ourselves. If you take up dancing, you’re pursuing a healthy habit. Your body may change, and your posture, too. All this has the ability to help you change the way you see yourself, and thus how you present yourself to others.


In order to have energy, you have to use it. It sounds exhausting, but it’s common knowledge that exercise helps increase stamina. This is true of both the body and mind. Dancing is great for the brain; it exercises your cognition, memory, and aids your balance. Medical professionals even believe it can stave off dementia. Dance can give your body and mind what they need to be alert.

If you want to try and improve your life with dance, then come to Dance Passion Studio. We have plenty of classes to help you on your way.

Staying Motivated for Your New Year’s Dance Resolution

Every year, people make resolutions. And, every year, people give up on them. Not everyone loses that motivation, of course, but plenty of people find it difficult to maintain. If you’ve made the resolution to take dance classes, you have a lot of fun ahead of you. Of course, if you can’t keep up your motivation for that new year’s dance resolution, you will miss a lot. So, try some tips to help you maintain that inspiration.

Let the Music Move You

Dance lesson with latino instructorIs there music that you just love and makes you want to move every time you hear it? If you already feel the desire to dance, you’re well on your way to what you need to get the most of your dance lessons. You can use what you learn in dance classes when you dance to the music you love. So, listen to that music more. Make a list of those songs and go searching for you new ones. Let the music remind you of how much you want to dance so that you don’t let those classes, and that resolution pass you by.

Make Goals

Sometimes, you need more than just a desire to take classes; motivation comes in many forms. If fun doesn’t inspire you enough, try goals. Some people need a finish line to keep them going. If meeting a goal might make you slow down, then set many. Once you meet one goal, you can move on to the next. You could keep going as far as you want, finding strength, satisfaction, and confidence each time you accomplish the things you put in front of yourself.

Have Fun and Meet People

It is much easier to do almost anything when you enjoy it. Dance is always fun. Group classes, in particular are great fun; not only are you learning to dance, but you’re meeting people who are also having fun. Many of them will have the same goals as you, too, and that camaraderie also serves as great motivation.

Take that new year’s dance resolution all the way. Find your motivation to keep going. Come dance with us at Dance Passion Studio and we’ll not only teach you how to dance, we’ll help you keep it up all year if that’s what you want.

Should You Repeat a Dance Class?

Dance is fun for everyone, but it does not always come easy for everyone. That means that plenty of people find themselves in need of some extra classes. In fact, some people may be asking themselves the question, “Should I repeat a dance class?”

It is perfectly okay to repeat a dance class.

dancers  collectiopn  aYou may feel a little awkward about the answer to that question, but rest assured you are not alone in wondering if a repeat course would benefit you. There are many potential reasons to repeat a dance class. Perhaps you simply did not catch on the first time around, and while you certainly got better, you still have much to learn before you feel secure doing the dance on your own. Or, maybe you were not able to take as many classes as you wanted, or needed the first time around, and so taking the course again would be helpful. Whatever the reason, there is no reason to feel badly about taking the course again if you want or need it. After all, our goal is to become good dancers and it is important to have a solid foundation from which to build.

Your teacher can help.

If you’re wondering whether it would be worth repeating a dance class, ask your teacher. Your teacher knows your situation, and can make the best recommendation for you. In fact, you may find that you simply need a touch more confidence, and that you’ve learned more than you initially thought. Your teacher may also suggest that you try a few private lessons, rather than taking the class again. Trust your teacher’s advice on the matter.

It could be fun.

Of course, you could repeat a dance class with no other reason that you enjoyed it. Dance classes have many benefits—exercise, social interaction, something to break up monotony, etc. If you find yourself disappointed at the thought of the class being over, consider taking it again. You may be able to take a more advanced version, or a different type of dance, too. However, if what you really want is to take the same class again, why not?

At Dance Passion Studio, we’ll happily advise you on the best course of action for you, whether it be to repeat a class, move to a higher level, or take private lessons.

Tips for Investing in Dance Shoes

Dancing is a great hobby for many because, unless you do it professionally, it doesn’t require expensive equipment investments. Of course, if you plan on doing it a great deal, it is worth some investment in classes, comfortable clothing, and good shoes. Here are some tips for investing in dance shoes.

Dance Comfortably

EV004621When you dance, you need comfort. Your feet and legs will work hard, and uncomfortable shoes will not help this. Tennis shoes, and other similar sport shoes are not a good idea, as they have soles that stick to the floor, which restricts your movement.  When dancing, you need shoes that will slide and rotate easily on the floor.

Flip-flops and sandals are not good options either, as they are likely to trip you, or fall off. Instead, you should find some comfortable, leather-soled shoes, or some shoes made specifically for dancing.

The Best Fit

For your very first pair of dance shoes, get fitted. Even if you don’t buy the first pair you try, you need an idea of the best shoe size for you. Dance shoes may not always fit like your other shoes. When you get fitted, they may feel a little strange, at first. You will break them in, however. You want the shoe to fit snugly on your foot so that your foot does not slide inside your shoes when you dance; that will cause blisters, and for ladies it can increase the chances of losing your balance, or twisting your ankle when you are turning or spinning.

Made for Dance

When you’re new to dance shoes, trust those made specifically for dance. You can get information online about the best shoes for dancing, or you can go to a local dance shop. You will want to specify what type of dancing you are doing so that you get the right type.

Ask the Experts

Of course, it is always good to ask your teacher’s advice. She or he can not only tell you about the best shoes and fit for dance in general, but for the type of dancing you are doing, too. Plus, she or he knows your level and how much it may be worth investing for you.

Ask us about investing in dance shoes for your classes with us at Dance Passion Studio.

I Have Two Left Feet

There are a few people in the world who learn a new dance easily; they seem to have a natural gift and they pick it up quickly. That is not true of many, perhaps most people. If you have two left feet as the saying goes and feel you can’t dance, do not feel discouraged. You are not the only one. Here are some tips to help you when you struggle.

Be Patient with Yourself

Couples having dancing classAt Dance Passion Studio, we teach beginner students how to dance all the time. You will be surprised at how easy it can be to learn when the dance is explained properly. You may feel an urge to push yourself out of frustration.  This is an understandable feeling.  However, you will have a much easier time learning to dance if you are patient with yourself.  Relax, take a deep breath, and have fun. After all, isn’t that why we wanted to learn to dance in the first place?  When you focus on the fun and don’t try to be perfect, the process of learning new steps can be just as enjoyable for you as dancing the steps once you have perfected them.

Try Private Lessons

In a group setting, a teacher will pace the class for everyone. While she or he may be able to take some time to work with people one-on-one, some people may find themselves in need of some extra time with a dance teacher. If you’re having trouble with a step, consider private lessons. Your teacher can use teaching methods that work better for you in a private setting and you can always join the group classes, too, and have the benefit of both settings.

Never Underestimate Practice

Practice is important for all dancers. Whatever time you may have on your own, find some to practice. For students in the group classes, we will send out links to videos of the class steps as a refresher of what you have learned. This will make it easier for you to practice your steps on your own.  In private lesson, you can video your steps to reference later, as well. It will help you improve greatly.

We want to see you succeed in your chosen dance type at Dance Passion Studio. If you have two left feet, no worries; we’ll do what we can to help so that you can enjoy the process of learning.

Never Miss Dancing at a Wedding  

How many weddings have you attended at which you watched others dance? Did you truly not want to join in, or did you avoid it because you have such little faith in your dance skills? If you do avoid dancing at a wedding and it’s because you feel less skilled and uncomfortable, here is what you should know:

First of all, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.  And, secondly, you don’t have to miss out!

The fact is that most people dance at weddings not because it’s expected, but because it’s genuinely fun. Yes, there are a few who are dragged out onto the floor by a partner. Yet, even they often manage to enjoy themselves. So, why deprive yourself of this fun any longer?

Don’t miss out on a chance to dance ever again.

wedding, danceLife is short; when an opportunity to have some fun comes along, it’s important to take that chance. While you should not do something that you genuinely dislike, if you feel any desire to join something like a dance, it’s much better for you, overall, to do so. Enjoyment releases endorphins, which eases anxiety, relieves stress, and can even ease physical pain. Plus, dancing is an activity that helps people come together, better themselves socially, and build relationships.

Plus, when you sit out, you’re missing an opportunity to celebrate the newlywed couple. A wedding’s traditions are all about celebrating the couple. Dance is a physical expression of love and joy—perfect for a wedding.

So, get ready to get involved.

Don’t let your fears and insecurities keep you on the sidelines any longer. Get ready for the next chance to dance at a wedding, or any other time in which you typically sit out. The best way to do this is to take dance classes and lessons.

It does not have to be a chore, however. Taking dance classes is often as fun as joining on other occasions. After all, they’re both collections of people with the intention of dancing, but who also want an enjoyable experience.

One of the beneficial differences between dancing at a wedding and dancing in class is that you are in a room of people just like you. While you might be surrounded by people who already know how to dance at a wedding, in class you are all there to better your skills, and so there is generally less discomfort about joining in. Learning the steps in class is only a small part of it, too. Over time, you develop more social confidence, and feel more at ease moving with, and in the presence of other people.

Overall, it is great practice for weddings and occasions like them. In time, you could find that not only do you like dancing in general, but you look forward to the next wedding or social occasion where there may be dancing. In fact, you may enjoy it so much that you go searching for reasons to dance. Sometimes, sitting out is not about your skills, but about other insecurities. Working past those takes practice, too, and you may find that you’re more adept at dancing than you ever realized.

Don’t miss dancing at a wedding. Come learn to dance with us at Dance Passion Studio.

When You’re Ready to Move from Private Lessons to a Group Class

Couple learning to dance in dancing schoolIf you have been taking private dance lessons, there are a number of potential reasons you may have chosen to do so. Perhaps you needed to learn something specific, or wanted some extra time on a certain type of dance, or you and your partner are preparing for your first dance at a wedding. Or, perhaps you wanted to learn to dance in general, but felt uncomfortable in a group class setting.

None of these reasons is more legitimate than the other, and you’re not alone. Plenty of people choose private lessons because they don’t feel ready for a group class. They want some extra time alone with a teacher to feel more prepared.

How do you know that you’re ready?

There comes a time, of course, when you will want to consider moving forward and dancing with others. There are many different indicators to signal that you’re ready to do this.

You feel more at ease in general. When you first started lessons, you may have felt nervous, even though you were starting private lessons. Over time, that feeling should dissipate, allowing you to learn more easily. When you feel this, you may take this as a sign that you’re ready to join the class.

Your teacher says you’re ready. Your dance teacher knows more than the dance steps. She or he can establish your skill level and progress. Then, your teacher will be able to tell when and how much you have progressed, and let you know when you’re ready to move to a group class.

You want to find a dance partner. If you have been taking dance lessons on your own, primarily, then there may come a time when you will want a partner with whom you can dance while your teacher instructs. When you do, it is probably time to move into a group class.

There are additional benefits to joining group classes when you’re ready. When you’re ready to meet other people who enjoy dancing as much as you, you not only gain partners, you improve your skills. It is always better to dance with someone if you want to better your abilities to lead and follow. Plus, dancing is more fun when you’re surrounded by others who enjoy it, too.

If you chose private lessons because you’re unsure of yourself, you are not alone. However, come to Dance Passion Studio and take lessons with us, and we’ll work to help you find the confidence to join others like you in the fun environment of a dance class.