Choosing Dance Passion Studio for Your Lessons

Latin danceIf you want to dance, choosing the right studio is important. You should educate yourself on your options so that you know what you’re getting into. You won’t know what to look for until you do some research and understand what you need. If dancing is something you have never really done, you will probably Google search, first. This may help a little, but you will still need more accurate information. At Dance Passion Studio, we want you to find the best dance classes and lessons, and we want to be the teachers for you.

Why You Want to Dance

Answering the question of why you want to dance is important; it helps define what your dancing experience will be. Knowing why you’re doing something helps you find motivation and conviction to do it, and makes you more likely to continue on with your goal.

Knowing why you’re dancing gives you some power over learning. If you want to help yourself lose weight, for example, then you know you need to pursue dances that are active enough to make a difference for you. With enough knowledge ahead of time, you can set goals and pursue things in better ways. It also helps us guide you as your teachers.

Where You Want to Be

You don’t have to remain local if you don’t want to, but it certainly makes your life easier. We are here for all our Houston locals, and any who want to travel to us. It’s easier to dance locally because you spend less time in traffic getting to the studio, getting to any dance activities, and if you want to come to classes and lessons on short notice, you can. Stay in Houston with Dance Passion Studio and making getting to dance classes far less stressful.

Of course, where matters because you also want to be comfortable in the studio. The physical location, the culture, and the people should all make you feel happy to be there. Feeling welcome is essential. At Dance Passion Studio, we want to you be happy to come to us. We want going to dance class to be a joy and the best part of your week. You should walk in and be ready to stay, rather than eager to be finished and leave. Dancing is an important experience and you learn much better when you enjoy everything about it.

How to Make it Happen

When you find a place to dance, and you find your instructor, then you can move on to making it all happen. Discuss your goals with your teacher and find out how they’re going to help you reach your goals. We do our best to help you meet any goal you have because we want to be the best dance teachers you’ve ever had. Not only that, we want you to enjoy getting there so that you’re more motivated by the enjoyment to keep going, and exceed your goals.

Come to Dance Passion Studio for your dance lessons. Let us be your go-to for all your dance needs.

Taking Time to Become a Good Dancer

Couples having dancing classIf you want to learn how to dance, but you avoided it over the years for various reasons, you may have wondered how long it would take for you to become a good dancer. Who much time does it take until you’re dancing naturally with any music you hear?

There are a lot of factors that go into answering that question. It takes time and effort, and it depends upon you to make it happen.

Defining a Good Dancer

Different people appreciate different types of dance and consider them “good.” Some people simple define it has having confidence and sex appeal on the dance floor. Some people recognize those excellent techniques. Becoming a good dancer depends on you and your goals. Perhaps you want others to find you attractive on the dance floor, or maybe you want to be a great partner, or leader.

To Get There

Whatever your preference, you need motivation. You have to be motivated enough to start, and then keep coming back for more lessons. Perhaps you have an event at which you need to be able to dance, and that motivates you. You might have a friend with whom you want to take lessons. Maybe you want to help your weight loss along. The more goals you have, the stronger your motivation.

With this motivation, you need commitment. It’s like anything else you want, or need to learn in life; you need to practice it often. If you come to a dance lesson once every so often, you will learn some useful things. To be a truly good dancer, you need to make it a regular part of your life and come more often. You will reach your goals much faster, and be much better.

Steady instruction is essential. Your drive must be as good as your teacher. You need to find a dance instructor with enough experience, someone whom you trust, and who will be there for you as long as you are motivated to continue and become as good as you want to be. Whatever your level, you need a teacher to accommodate your drive.

Talent never hurts, of course. But, you don’t have to have natural talent in spades. Dancing is a skill; it’s learned, and with the right amount of drive and motivation, and a great teacher, you can discover in yourself what may not come naturally. You can come to dance in ways that make it seem like you dance well naturally. If you don’t have natural ability, don’t let that hold you back at all.

How Long?

In the end, there is no truly definable amount of time in which you will become a good dancer. It all depends upon you. Each person is different; what it takes to become a good dancer and how much time will vary. You will not know until you find out, and you should.

Come to Dance Passion Studio today and let us help you on your way to your goals. You can take the time to become a good dancer, and we’ll help you get there.

You Can Have a Perfect First Dance at Your Second Wedding

wedding-dancePeople can fall in love more than once; it’s been proven time and time again. When this happens and people plan a second wedding, they may wonder if it can be as beautiful as the first. It can, in fact, and it can even be better. You can have the perfect first dance at your second wedding.

That first dance is a special moment, whether you had it in the first wedding or not. You should be able to make it what you want and have that special moment with your new spouse. To make it perfect that second time, treat it as if it were the first, because, in fact, it is the first time with your new spouse.

Make it Perfect for the Two of You

Start by thinking only of you and your new spouse. Everything should be about the two of you. What is your song? What dance makes you most comfortable? There is no need to worry about what was or was not done at your first wedding. This is the first dance with your new spouse, and it’s all about you two.

When you choose music that works best for you, you can focus on the dance. Perhaps you want something classic, or perhaps you want something choreographed. If you had classic at the first wedding, you may want something new, and that’s perfect. If you want classic again because that’s what you and your fiancé love, then that’s wonderful, too. There are no rules; you should do what’s best for you and your new spouse.

Dance classes are perfect for your first dance, including the second time around. They’re another way to make it even more special, whether you want to practice a dance you know, or learn something new. If you want something choreographed, dance lessons are the way to go.

If you have fallen in love a second time and you’re getting ready for that perfect wedding, then have another perfect first dance. Come to Dance Passion Studio to make that perfect first dance at your second wedding.

Impress a Special Person with Dance

Woman Performing Tango With Man In RestaurantFor that special someone in your life, you want to do your best to make them happy. You want to bring them as much joy as they bring you. Of the many ways you can impress that person, dance is a great one. Not only is it impressive—it’s useful, too. Dance can come in handy for both of you later, giving you the chances to do more together in the future.

Plan for Classes

If you don’t yet have the dance skills to impress your loved one, then get them. Sign up for dance classes and learn what you need to know. When you’re ready, surprise your loved one. Or, you could surprise them with the classes. Go to classes together and show that person how much you care for them by sharing the experiences of learning.

Show Your Moves Somewhere Nice

When you have the moves, show them off, and do it somewhere nice. Find a great location where you and your loved one can have the time of your lives, and impress that person with your dance moves. You have both the fact that you learned to dance for them, and the grand gesture to accompany that. Together, it’s an impressive gift.

Create a Ballroom Experience Just for Them

If you learn to dance just to impress that person, then make the whole experience about them. Start with the music; choose your loved one’s favorites. Make sure they’re songs to which you can dance. Put them in an interesting order. Then, put together your loved one’s favorite foods in the perfect banquet. When it’s all together, surprise that person and impress them with your efforts, your care, and yoru dance moves.

Get the dance moves you need to impress your special person at Dance Passion Studio. Sign up for classes today.

You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Dance Before Learning

Instructor in dance school with coupleIt’s not uncommon for people to assume that they need to know a little of something to study it. Sometimes, that’s because, on some level, they’re feeling fear, and that fear is leading them to make those assumptions; fear of something often makes people search for reasons to avoid doing what they want. There is no reason to fear, and you can move past those negative assumptions; the truth is, you don’t have to know anything about dance before learning.

It’s the Nature of Learning

Learning anything is a beginning; there’s no true prerequisite because you can start at the very beginning. Plenty of people start with nothing and learn something; it’s one of the great things about human capability. You should never let anyone tell you that you have to know something about dance before taking classes. The point of beginner lessons is just that–to begin.

Facing Failure

When it comes to that aforementioned fear, it’s one of those things you can overcome, and possibly do so easily if you try. One of the most common causes of fear is the possibility of failure. However, failure is something everyone experiences. All you need to do is face the fear by risking failure, and know that, if you don’t succeed the first time, it’s not over at all.


Fear leads to self-consciousness. It takes some bravery to “dance like nobody’s watching,” when, in fact, there are people around to see you. This is a similar feeling of fear that makes someone willing to believe they need to know something about dancing before taking lessons. However, dancing can help you overcome your self-consciousness with no prior knowledge of how to dance at all. Learning to dance has so many benefits, and you can reap them all with no prior knowledge.

The Body

You may think that your body isn’t accustomed to dancing, and so it will be hard for you. That is simply not true; while some people need a little extra practice to help their muscle memory, your body is fully capable of learning the moves that come with dance. Proper care of your body through a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, first, and then all you need is consistent practice and patience. Over time, your brain and muscles will learn to move.

A Good Teacher

Of course, to help you on your way, you need a good teacher. A good dance teacher is ready to teach you, no matter what your prior knowledge, or lack of it. A great teacher has patience for even those beginners with absolutely no knowledge of dance whatsoever, and who struggle with their rhythm.

If you can walk, you can dance, too. While you may not know the specific steps, you have everything you need to start off as well as any other beginner. Plus, there is always a learning curve. You’re not under any deadline; there is no pressure. Dance should always be enjoyable, and we strive to make it so at Dance Passion Studio.

Don’t let fear get in your way. There is no prerequisite to learning how to dance. Come see us at Dance Passion Studio and get started today.

When It’s Time to Take Dance Lessons

Senior couple taking dance lessonsHave you ever watched your friends and peers dancing at a celebration? Did you join in, or sit out because you felt you didn’t know how to dance well enough? This is a potential reason to take dance lessons now, and it’s just one. There are many potential reasons to start taking dance lessons as soon as you can.

Make Social Life Better

There will be plenty of chances to dance in the future. Will you be ready? If not, it may be time to take dance classes; you will be ready if you do. Not only will you have more fun at these parties, or anywhere dancing is done, but you’ll also have fun learning, too. Then, you can take what you’ve learned and make the most of it, and never feel like you have to sit out at the next party.

Stress Relief

Whatever you may do for stress relief, dance is a great addition. If you’re stressed and you’re finding that the normal stress-relief routine isn’t working for you, it could be time to take dance classes. The act of dance increases endorphins, makes you feel better, and improves your energy. Plus, it’s fun. You could feel much, much better after a good dance.

You Need an Adventure

If you’ve found yourself in a funk lately, or your life feels stale, it’s time to make a change. Add dance classes to your routine and shake things up. You could be amazed at how it helps lift your spirits. Even if you generally like your job, you still need something different once in a while; everyone gets bogged down with life. Get an adventure and dance.

When it’s time to make a change, work on your social life, or feel better, it’s time to take classes at Dance Passion Studio. Come start with us today.

Pushing Your Own Boundaries with Dance

feet partners on the dance floorWhen you learn something new, you push your boundaries. When you learn something new despite it being difficult, or uncomfortable, you push yourself even further. These can be great things to do. Generally, it’s good for everyone to push themselves in life. Most people do it when they start a career or new job, they get married, have children, and anytime in life when something new comes along that takes time to adjust, learn, and grow. You could push your own boundaries by learning to dance.

Sometimes, we hit points at which our lives seem to have settled. We’re comfortable, satisfied overall, and though we have our trials, major changes seem to have stopped, at least for the moment. This is when it’s great to go in search of something to help you continue growing.

Growing Through Dance

Dance is a learning process; both your body and mind retain information. That alone is a growth experience. Every time you practice and get better, you push your boundaries and grow a little more. Not only do you push your physical boundaries, but your learning capabilities, too. And, you press yourself toward more fun. You give yourself more opportunities to have fun in the future, while having fun in the present by learning. All of these things are ways in which learning to dance expands your horizons.

Of course, none of this means that the dancing will come easy. However, practice and powering through are how you get the most out of the dance. That is also how you push your boundaries and get better. The more you practice, the further you press on toward more.

Let us help you push your boundaries with dance at Dance Passion Studio. We would love to help you grow and learn, and all while having fun.

Escapism in Dance

Depositphotos_164673938_m-2015The benefits of learning to dance are many; in fact, they can’t really be counted. There is something in it for everyone and it can’t always be measured. That is because the benefits are sometimes personal and emotional. Take the part of dancing that leaves some people feeling as though they’ve left the world behind. This escapism is one of the reasons some people love dance.

Why would escapism be a benefit?

Everyone needs a break from the world. It doesn’t mean we’re unhappy with our lives; we just need a little extra rest from the responsibilities of the everyday. Dancing does this by serving as a very strong distraction.

When people are new to dancing, there is a lot to learn. Your mind must memorize steps and your body must get used to those steps, too. It takes a lot of focus. You have to focus on your steps, on your partner, the others around you, your posture, proper movement, and more. All that work is fun, too. When you’re focused on that, you’re away from all those things that have begun to stress you out lately.

If you’re going to escape, it should be something that is genuinely fun. While you’re learning in dance class, it is an entertaining sort of learning. Yes, it’s something functional that you can use in the future, but it’s meant to be exciting, exhilarating, even.

When your body moves, endorphins rise. It’s part of what makes you feel better during and after exercise, and why movement can help with physical pain. Those endorphins relieve stress in the same ways. When you dance, you feel better physically and mentally, and thus can escape for a little while.

Whether you need some relief and an escape, or you need to learn to dance for any specific reason, come to Dance Passion Studio.

Practicing Great Dance Etiquette

West Coast SwingDancing is, and should be many things—fun, exhilarating, graceful, and much more. In order for it to be these things, everyone involved must work together, and that means more than learning the right steps. People must be mindful of one another, supportive, and work to create a safe, pleasant space to dance and learn. There is such a thing as dance class, and general social dancing etiquette. Most of this etiquette is common sense, but here are a few reminders of what you can do.

Greet Others, Be Kind, and Smile

Pleasantness and a smile go a long way, particularly when you start with them. Try to start with a kind “Hello” and a smile; you could find it impacts every meeting positively from that point forward.

Try to Be on Time

It’s hard to get everything from a dance class if you’re late. Plus, it disrupts your teacher and other students, and someone else might be left without a partner. The best thing to do for you and everyone is to always do your best to be on time. Everyone understands that traffic can be terrible and there is nothing you can do about it (particularly in Houston), so others will probably be forgiving, too.

Practice Patience

Learning takes time and practice, for you and everyone else in the class. Anytime you learn something new, it can be frustrating. It’s important to practice patience. Be patient with yourself and trust your teacher to help you. Be patient with your fellow classmates, too.

Remember that You’re Learning, Too

If you’re dancing with a partner who is newer to the dance than you, or is learning a little more slowly, it could be frustrating. Don’t try to teach, however. You might not realize you’re doing it, and it can make things uncomfortable for your partner. Trust your teacher to help, and be patient.

Be Encouraging

Positive energy and encouragement go a long way for everyone. The polite thing to do is take a moment to be encouraging sometimes to your partner and classmates. Everyone needs to be reminded that they’re improving, or will.

Listen Well

Your teacher knows the dance and how to teach it, so listen to what she or he has to say. When you dance with your partner, listen to that person, too. Dance is largely about communication, even when it’s not verbal. Listening and paying attention are keys, and being polite.

Be Open to Partners

When you’re in a class, you never really know who your partner will be. You might get someone familiar, and you might not. You might be partnered with someone who knows as much as you, and you might not. Be open to new partners; dancing with them is the chance for new learning experiences.

Admit When You’re Wrong, or May be Wrong

If you step on someone’s feet, always apologize. If someone steps on your feet, never assume it’s their fault. Learners will make mistakes, even as they get better. Practice good etiquette and be willing to apologize.

Be Thankful

It’s important to have a partner when you’re learning. When someone dances with you, learns with you, and they’re kind, patient, and have all-around good dance etiquette, that’s worth being thankful. So, thank your dance partners after each dance.

Great dance etiquette is more than just politeness; it makes the entire dance class experience better for everyone. It’s much easier to learn when everyone is pleasant. Come to Dance Passion Studio to enjoy learning to dance.

Food for Dance Fuel

Delicious  portion of  fresh salmon fillet  with aromatic herbs,Health is important for everyone, no matter what they do. Of course, if they’re active, sometimes they need a little extra boost to stay that way. To keep your body strong enough to dance on a regular basis, you need good nutrition. Food is fuel; get the right stuff to keep you dancing.

Before beginning any new health routine, whether it involves exercise or changes in your diet, remember to consult your doctor. Once you have done that, consider these nutrition tips. They could give you the boost your body needs.


Protein is an important part of keeping muscles strong. This doesn’t necessarily mean consuming large amounts in all forms—meat, supplements, etc. That is primarily for those who want to build a lot of muscle. To be active and dance, you just need to help your muscles grow and strengthen enough to keep moving. Lean protein is the best way to do this—very lean, low cholesterol meats like chicken, turkey, and salmon are great. Remember to eat in moderation and consult your physician about any health concerns you may have when it comes to increasing protein.


Your body needs plenty of water; you probably know this. The more you are active, the more water you need. There is such as thing as drinking too much, so don’t overdo it. Talk to your doctor about how much you drink. If you find yourself with increasing thirst, that could be a sign of a medical issue, and again, you should talk to your doctor. Otherwise, just make sure to drink some water before, during, and after activity.


Carbs have long been the subject of debate among dieters. Some say avoid them more than anything, while others say you need them more than anyone is willing to say. Ultimately, it’s usually find as long as you practice good portion control and eat more of the right kind of carbs. Carbohydrates are classic sources of energy–good calories that give you the energy to do more. Talk to your doctor about what kind of carbs you should eat, and how much.

Eat smarter and you’ll feel better during activity. Get the right food for dance fuel with the help of your physician, and come take dance classes with us at Dance Passion Studio.