How to Make the Most of Your Dance Lessons

You had a great time in your dance class last week… don’t let it end there! It’s rare that we find an activity that helps us get fit and allows us to have fun, so maximize your experience and keep the momentum. Here’s how:

  1. Practice, practice, practice! The truth is the better we get the more fun we have. After all, good dancing skills build confidence, and who doesn’t like to feel good? If you and your partner are taking dance lessons together, carve out a few minutes every night to put on some music and practice what you’ve learned. It’s a great way to connect and wind down after a long day. Should you be coming to class solo, you can still go through the dance steps and get better. Simply find a mirror to watch your posture and dance away!
  2. Engage your friends outside of class. Show your friends your moves, and encourage them to join you. It’ll provide more motivation for all of you to keep at it, and it’ll also give you another way to enjoy your time together. If you’ve made friends in dance lessons, be sure to plan evenings out with them and hit the clubs where dancing is taking place. You’ll all have fun and improve in the process!
  3. Sign up again ASAP! Oftentimes, many of us let life get in the way, and don’t schedule our follow-up classes. Don’t allow yourself the excuses this time. Sign up for a second round of sessions while at the studio. If you forget, set a reminder on your phone to check for the new schedule on our website. Then you can register via the online form as soon as it’s available.

We’re so glad you’ve chosen us to help put you on this path to wellness and fun – thank you! Now, let’s keep moving. If you need to reserve your spot, you can view our schedule and sign up for dance lessons at this link.

Four Reasons to Choose Houston’s Dance Passion Studio

If there’s one thing we like to do in Houston, Texas, it’s to dance. From salsa to two-step, dancing is a way of life for many of us in this town or at a minimum, what we like to do for fun on the weekends. With this in mind, we know that you have several studios to choose from in the Houston area to learn the moves or hone your skills, but we guarantee you won’t find one you’ll enjoy more than Dance Passion Studio. Here are four reasons why:

  1. We give you options. Want to be among others in a relaxed, fun environment and form friendships, while learning to dance? Join us for group classes! Can’t make a group class, or prefer to be taught one-on-one? Let’s do a private session! Bottom line, we’ll make it work so that you can dance.
  2. We’re friendly and experienced! Don’t believe us? Just visit our testimonials’ page and read what other students and friends just like you have to say about our staff and service.
  3. We offer variety. Salsa, foxtrot, tango, waltz, cha cha, rumba, swing, two-step… you can learn it all at Dance Passion Studio. We also offer private sessions for perfecting your first dance for your wedding!
  4. We have a newly remodeled facility. And we have to say it looks great, but again, don’t take our word for it. Come in and see for yourself.

We invite you to find out why we’re dubbed “Houston’s hot spot for learning to dance.” Check out our schedule, and join in on the fun today. You’ll be glad that you did!