A New Year, a New You… Through Dance!

As you ponder your New Year’s resolutions, your mental list may include a variety of goals related to looking and/or feeling better. Well, today is your lucky day because we’ve got one (that’s right – ONE!) great way to knock out all of your resolutions, and that one way is through dance.

Students of Houston’s Dance Passion Studio can attest to dancing’s ability to result in a number of wonderful benefits including, but certainly not limited to:

  1. Lose weight or tighten up. There’s no doubt that increased physical activity results in improvements to our bodies. Allow yourself to have fun while working to look better (and be healthier!) when you dance.
  2. Improve coordination. Dancing requires you to move one or more parts of your body at a time, and even work with a partner, thereby enhancing your coordination and allowing you to apply this ability in other parts of your life.
  3. Build confidence. If you look better and are steadier on your feet, you’re going to feel better about yourself. This newfound confidence can help you both personally and professionally!
  4. Meet new friends. Group dance lessons are a great place to meet new people, where you’ll bond over new skills learned and fun moments shared. Many of Dance Passion Studio’s students hang out after class at “club nights” or on other occasions!
  5. Learn something new. If your resolution is to acquire new skills or a hobby, then dancing is a great choice, especially considering all of the other benefits mentioned! Additionally, you can choose to learn one type of dance, like salsa, or many, such as in ballroom dance classes.
  6. Have more fun. Sometimes work, errands, and everyday life just get in the way, and you may simply want to have more fun in 2016. We can promise you that you’ll get that by learning to dance. Just read #4 above!
  7. Spend time with a special someone. Schedule regular time with your special someone when you register for a dance class or two per week. Learning something new together while having fun is sure to bring you closer than ever before!

Bottom line, dance lessons are a great way to check off so many New Year’s resolutions, making what could be hard work oh so fun and easy to accomplish in just one to two hours per week. Contact Dance Passion Studio to discuss how to best meet your particular goals, and then check out our class schedule to kick 2016 off right.

Who Could Benefit from Dance Lessons?

Many people often wonder if dance lessons are right for them, even if it’s something they have an extreme interest in learning. The fact is dancing is right for most everyone, but if you’re still on the fence, see if you fall into one of these categories:

Individuals or couples wishing to meet new people. Group dance lessons are great for both individuals and couples and provide the opportunity to meet other fun-loving people like themselves.

People wanting a fun way to exercise. Treadmills and weights aren’t for everyone and can get boring. If you need a fun means for exercise that provides motivation, dancing is the activity for you.

Couples looking for additional ways to connect. By learning to dance together, you can strengthen your bond and will learn how to communicate better. Choose group lessons if you want to expand your social circle or schedule private instruction for a one-on-one experience.

Wedding parties. If you’re in the wedding planning process, then dance lessons are right up your alley! They’re perfect for the bride and groom and even for father/daughter or mother/son dances.

As you can see, dancing is for anyone who simply wants to be healthier or have fun. If this sounds like you, check out Dance Passion Studio’s schedule to find what you’re ultimately looking for. Should you know someone who can benefit, a gift certificate makes a great holiday, birthday, or engagement gift! Get details here.