Preparing for Your First Dance Class

If you have decided to take a dance class for the first time, it is natural to feel a little nervous. Perhaps you are so because you feel you don’t know how to dance well enough already, you’re concerned about being in a class with other people, or you don’t generally know what to expect, or how to prepare. However, you’re not alone; there will be plenty of people in your class who are either first-timers, or still learning. In fact, the majority of dancers in a class have never danced before, and so, at Dance Passion Studio, we begin the class as though no one knows anything. Just take a deep breath, and try these things to prepare for your first dance class.

Know Your Goal: Consider why you chose to do this in the first place. Did you want to learn to dance? Did you need a more interesting source of exercise? Did you need a social activity to help get you out of the house? Focus on your wants and needs, and remind yourself not to worry about the others in the class. Concentrate on getting the most out of the class for which you paid good money.

Couple learning to dance in dancing schoolComfortable Gear:  Wear shoes that rotate on the floor (flats, normal shoes, dance shoes), but avoid open-back shoes and tennis shoes, and, of course, very high heels and stilettos.  Ultimately, make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that it’s something in which you feel you can move easily.

Stretch it Out: It’s always a good idea to stretch before any physical activity, even if it’s just light stretching. There is no harm in feeling a little extra loose. Also, stretching and focusing on deep, calming breaths—like yoga—is a very good way to prepare your mind, as well as your body, through relaxation.

Finally, if you still find yourself feeling a little anxious, it never hurts to bring a friend, family member, or coworker to share in the experience. Also, it’s always a good idea to check the directions and leave a little early to be certain you get to class on time, and maybe a little early so you can take a moment before class to breathe and relax. Just remember that everyone in the class is, or has been, in your situation at some time. Remember why you’re there, dress comfortably, stretch, breathe, and get ready to dance it out with us at Dance Passion Studio.

Group or Private Lessons: Which is for You?

If you want to dance and you are considering taking lessons, you may be trying to decide which is better for you: group lessons, or private lessons. Both have their benefits, though each is more suited to different people, depending upon their needs. So, before you decide, for one reason or another, on a type of lesson, consider some things.

Couples having dancing class

Private lessons are generally best when you have something specific in mind. Perhaps you need to learn the steps to a certain dance, you have a wedding coming and need to prepare your first dance as a couple, or another event. Private lessons help ensure that you and your needs are the sole focus of the session.

Private lessons can also be more expensive than group lessons. So, if you are considering private lessons, but money is a real concern, you may want to choose group sessions that focus on what you need, but are more affordable. However, private lessons also afford more flexibility for your schedule. If you have a particularly busy schedule and have a hard time making time, private lessons could make it easier for you to schedule your dance.

If you prefer not to be the sole focus of the lesson, a group setting may be the best for you. You can enjoy the energy and experience, and not feel the pressure to perform. However, some feel pressure when surrounded by other people. Your comfort should certainly be a consideration as you decide what’s best.

If you don’t have a specific dance or event in mind, and you just want a new activity in your life for your health, or to shake things up, group lessons are probably the right choice for you. The social element can be good if you are looking for some change in your routine. Also, the increased energy of dance is often amplified even more when it is shared by the people surrounding you.

Private and group dance lessons both serve their purposes. So, when you figure out what you need, or, if you need help deciding, call us at Dance Passion Studio and let us get you dancing.