Romantic Dances: Dance Your Way to More Romance

There are plenty of reasons to learn a dance, and love and romance are as high on the list as anything else. If you are looking to liven up your love life with your partner, dance lessons could just be precisely what you need; dance is an excellent way to express your love for one another, and there are some specific, romantic dances you may want to consider.


The Waltz: The waltz is a graceful, classic dance for two people. Though partners keep a specific distance from one another, the gentle touches and slight closeness is enough to maintain the feeling of romantic intimacy to your partner. This, in combination with the slow, often soft, orchestrated music, creates an atmosphere conducive to loving affection.

Salsa: Salsa is definitely one of the most romantic, and sexy, dances. This fast-paced dance is a fun way to spark the flames between you and your partner, through your combined efforts during the dance. If you want to make things a little more steamy and really work your skills as a couple, give salsa a spin.

The Tango: Most of us associate, dramatic, South American tango dancing with passion and drama. Most people recognize this dance easily thanks to its quick head motions and other classic moves. This exciting dance is sure to ignite the passion between you and your partner.

Whatever your romantic inclinations, at Dance Passion Studio we offer a variety of dances in our ballroom and salsa classes. You can choose any dance to learn with your partner; try the graceful waltz, the sassy salsa, or the passionate tango. Or, try all three. Whether you have a romantic partner, you’re looking to find one, you want a friendly group atmosphere in which to learn dances, or a private lesson, we’ve got you covered.

Featured Dance: Country Western Two-Step

Depositphotos_71735341_s-2015Welcome to Texas, home of the Texas Two-Step, or the Country Western Two-Step. This western dance is popular not only in Texas, but appears in most of the U.S., particularly in the southern states; many places have their own version of this dance, each with its own name.

The history of the dance isn’t perfectly clear; some claim its lineage lies with a two-beat, European waltz. Currently, the dance is generally performed to country music, though it’s not uncommon for dance goers to rely on the Two-Step for any song where the beat of the music suits the steps. Many attribute the dance’s current popularity to films like Urban Cowboy, and to its simplicity.

It has been said that, “Two-stepping is just walking to a beat.” At its purest, this dance is very simple. It can certainly be made more complex by professional dancers at shows and competitions, but, basically, the dance is a gliding quick, quick, slow, slow step. The dancers can also spin counterclockwise as they go.

The lead begins by stepping quickly with the left foot, and then quickly with the right. Then, it’s back to a slower step with the left foot, and then the same with the right. The result is a quick, quick, slow, slow walking motion. The partner mirrors the lead’s steps going backward—a quick step back with the right foot, quick step back with the left, then slow with the right, and slow with the left.  Once you’ve got that rhythm down, then comes spinning, crossing stepping, and more additions to the basic “walking” two-step.

At Dance Passion Studio, experience the joy of this western classic with our fun, laid back classes. Or, if you want to do things at your own pace and schedule, we have private lessons for you, too. Come join us and learn this simple, but essential, dance.