All About You: Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons help make certain that you get precisely the instruction you need. You can take as many classes as you want, and being the sole student means you receive all the attention. By being the focus of the lesson, and through positive experiences and reinforcement, you could gain not only the skills you need to impress on the dance floor, but the confidence, as well.



A great element of private dance lessons is the customization; whatever you need, your instructor can give it to you during lessons just for you. Whether you want to focus on one dance, or learn several different dances, the private lesson is very flexible as far as what dances you learn. You can easily learn a single dance, or a variety of dances such as Salsa, the Two-Step, or the Foxtrot—it’s entirely up to you.

This personalization is also beneficial if you need more lessons in a certain amount of time.  Whether you feel you are more advanced, or need more help than most, private dance lessons help make certain you get precisely the level of instruction you need and at your speed.


Those with busy schedules who work long hours, or who have schedules that change from week to week appreciate that private dance lessons offer flexibility to tailor the schedule to them. Being able to create a convenient schedule with your teacher is a great way to make learning to dance much easier on you.


Few things inspire confidence more than being the focus of positive teaching and clear results. It is much easier to see the positive outcomes of your lessons when you are the focus of the lessons. Getting all the attention you need in an encouraging atmosphere is a classic way to build confidence. Taking the time for yourself, having lessons tailored to you, seeing the results you want in your own time, and proceeding only when you are ready is an excellent way to achieve your dance goals. They are also ways to feel confident while learning and in the final results.

If you need customized private dance lessons, we can accommodate you at Dance Passion Studio. We also provide the positive instruction at your pace that builds confidence. Just call us and tell us you want to dance, and we’ll teach you how.

Story of the Jitterbug Swing

EV001629Whether you realize it or not, you have seen the Jitterbug Swing in numerous movies and television shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, or Swing Kids. It is a fun dance that is popular with dancers of all ages and well worth learning from us at Dance Passion Studio.

The name “Jitterbug” comes from musician Cab Calloway, and while he didn’t invent the dance itself, the naming of the dance is attributed him. The specific origin of the Jitterbug is unclear, but the dance is said to have developed from already-existing jazz and swing dancing at the Savoy Ballroom in New York City. As a dance, it became particularly popular during World War II; American troops took the dance with them wherever they went, and soon versions of the dance were being done in many places in the world. Later, the Jitterbug joined the ranks of ballroom swing dancing, including the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Jive, and more.

The Jitterbug is energetic and while it is great fun to watch people dancing the Jitterbug, it is even more fun to dance it yourself. It can be a fun challenge for beginners, but it is also the easiest of the swing dances, so it is a great one with which to start.  For professional dancers, the dance can become rather wild with faster movements, and partner work such as flips and breakaways. The intricate footwork and spins, costumes, and music make it thoroughly entertaining, as evidenced by its popularity on shows like Dancing with the Stars.

You can dance the Jitterbug to upbeat music, from swing and jazz, to rock’n’roll. Songs such as, “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing” by Duke Ellington, and “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman are perfect classics for a Jitterbug Swing. It is easy to find a song you love during which to dance, making it that much more fun.

For those wanting to learn the swing, the Jitterbug is an enjoyable lesson with the right teacher, and even more so when you finally learn it and feel confident dancing with your partner.

Come see us at Dance Passion Studio and let us teach you the joy that is the Jitterbug; just join one of our ballroom group classes, or take private lessons tailored to you. Visit our website, or call us to find out what other dance classes and lessons we offer, too.