Express Yourself and Dance 

dance, healthSelf-expression is more than just modern art, film, etc. We all express ourselves in some way, be it via the arts, physical activity, or merely vocalizing our feelings. And, when we do, it often lifts our spirits and gives us energy—just like learning to dance.

Dance is a long-time form of expression.

Dance has always been a form of expression. Historically, ancient people used it to communicate during ceremonies and religious celebrations; they told stories and exhibited strong emotions via movement. Anyone can find a type of dance that moves them and allows them to express themselves—no performance or ceremony necessary. From regional standards like the Two-Step, to bellydancing, to ballroom, and beyond, people have discovered the great joy that dancing brings.

There are many benefits to choosing dance as your way to express yourself.

Of the modes of self-expression available, dance is also one of the healthier ones. It is active; it moves your body, strengthening it and teaching it to move more easily. It also promotes healthy brain activity, aiding memory and other mental abilities.

You can work with your dance teacher and request a special dance, or you can choose to take classes, and learn any style that moves you and makes you feel like you’re expressing something.  You don’t have to choreograph a grand ballet to express yourself through dance; just the fun of dancing to your favorite song, whether it is with someone special in your life like a friend, husband, wife, or family member, or even with someone you just met is enough to feel expressive.  The true joy of dancing is when you share it with others.

We teach many different dances at Dance Passion Studio. You can learn with a class, take private lessons, and we can even help you with something special for an event. Come express yourself, or learn to dance for any reason.