Give the Gift of Dance Classes

Young couple in love dancing in winter ParkWinter is here and the holidays will follow soon. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another winter holiday, or you just want to give a gift during the season, give the gift of dance. If someone to whom you want to give a gift might appreciate dance lessons or classes, there are plenty of benefits to giving someone gift certificates for dance.

Dancing is a Fun Physical Activity

Has the recipient expressed a desire to start a new physical activity? Perhaps she or he wants a way to be more active and get more exercise. Dance is a great way to implement fun, low-impact movement into your normal exercise routine. It is also a method for adding a social element to your workout schedule and picking up a new hobby, all at the same time.

The Chance to Dance Together

If you and a friend have plans to go somewhere together, you want to dance with your husband or wife who cannot dance, or you want to have a dance partner for any reason in the future, then give them dance lessons or classes as a gift. You can even join in and take the classes with them. What better way to get in on the fun and prepare for your future fun together?

Dance Any Dance

You don’t have to buy gift certificates for a specific dance class. Your friend or family member can choose any class or lesson. That means if you have a friend who has always wanted to learn the Foxtrot, the Waltz, or Two-Step, they can now learn.

To the Happy Couple

Do you know a couple getting married in the new year? Dance lessons don’t have to be for an established dance. At Dance Passion Studio, we can help a couple prepare for their first dance as a married couple. We can choreograph something special and unique to them. This would make gift certificates for dance lessons both a great wedding gift or Christmas gift for a couple soon to be wed.

Dancing is always a good idea—at any time of the year. There are people all around you who would love to try a dance class or take some lessons. If you’re having trouble thinking of a gift to give, consider giving the gift of dance classes and lessons with us at Dance Passion Studio. They are available online only, so head to our Gift Certificate page to purchase.

Dance of the Moment: The Foxtrot

Couple learning to dance in dancing schoolAmong the many styles of dance found in ballroom, the Foxtrot is a classic. It is said to have first appeared in the very early 20th century—1914, to be precise—though the certainty of its origin and name is inexact. Some say that actor Harry Fox created the dance and named it after his grandfather. Whatever the truth, it became popular in the 30s and remains so.

In the dance’s early days, it was done to ragtime music. The dance appears similar to the waltz, but the timing and characteristics are very different. The foxtrot is an excellent dance for a first-time dancer.   The dance’s basic steps are a slow slow quick quick timing.  As you progress to more difficult steps, the timing changes to a slow quick quick timing.  It is often referred to as the “walking dance” as it resembles a smooth, gliding walk across the floor.

The man begins with these steps:

Slow –  step forward with the left foot

Slow – step forward with the right foot

Quick – step to the side with the left foot

Quick – bring the right foot in to the left

The partner, of course, does the opposite by mirroring. The steps are danced to a 4/4 rhythm.

Whether you want to learn the Foxtrot, other forms of ballroom dance, or you want to learn something special for an upcoming occasion, we can teach you at Dance Passion Studio. Contact us and tell us what you want to learn, or join one of our dance classes today.