The Other Side of Dance Classes 

Athletic dance teacher instructing retired woman in the ballroomMany people find dance classes fun. They make for a great social pastime. However, there is another side to dance classes; they’re more than a way to have some fun. They offer ways to maintain mental and physical health, interact with others and be more social, and rekindle loving relationships.


Health is very important. Every day we read about the poor state of people’s health in the U.S. While there are plenty of ways to be active and healthy, any activity that qualifies as a way to do so deserves some consideration. Dance is also more than a way to get the body moving—it’s something that gives many people joy. Finding joy in something that helps you stay healthy is not always an easy thing.

Dance also has the potential to aid in the improvement of mental health. In some cases, dance is even recommended by physicians to help manage problems like anxiety and dementia. Studies have shown that the mental power necessary to learn dance serves as exercise for the mind, as well as relief from the symptoms of some mental illnesses. When something like dance offers such strong potential health benefits, it’s worth taking seriously.


For most people, being social is an essential part of life. Without some human interaction, we never learn to communicate and connect with others in healthy ways, which can impact our lives negatively in many ways. Dance classes offer opportunities for social interaction. However, they do not force immediate connections upon people, which can be essential for those who want more interaction, but need a little extra time and space to do so. The activity serves somewhat of a distraction so that dancers do not feel too much pressure to interact. Enjoying the dance also helps distract from and alleviate any anxieties associated with social interactions.


Relationships are about connection and closeness. When two people who love one another find their relationship lacking, or are struggling, a classic method for renewing feelings is to find an activity that you can do together. Often, the activity should allow two people to cooperate, work together, as well as feel emotionally connected. Dance classes or private dance lessons can offer all of this. Learning dance together requires communication and cooperation; two people must learn not only to move together, but to anticipate one another, as well. Plus, the physical closeness and music create an emotionally charged atmosphere capable of reigniting that romantic spark. It also helps that the feeling doesn’t have to end in class; a couple can take what they have learned and use it almost anywhere they please, and anytime they need to feel closer again.

There is plenty to love about dance. Come find out more about all the benefits of learning to dance by signing up for classes at Dance Passion Studio today, and have fun while learning something new.

A New Plan for Your Health with Dance

EV004621Health is a complex thing; everyone maintains their health in different ways for their different bodies. That is why there are so many options for people who search for methods to stay healthy. All good health plans have a few things in common: good foods in moderation, exercise, and persistence. If you’re working to make a new plan for your health, consider adding a dance schedule.

It helps vary your exercise patterns.

When trying to maintain a health plan, many people struggle with the exercise routines for various reasons. Life may become busy and make it difficult to keep it up. Or, routines sometimes become a little dull. Dance is a great thing for both schedules and variety. When life gets busy and you need to be able to schedule your time well in advance, dance classes allow you to do that. Sign up for classes one or two weeks ahead of time, sometimes more, so you can make sure they fit into your plans. If you have time between dance classes, you can still continue your normal exercise program. When combined with the classes, you have something to break up the routine and keep it interesting.

It’s easier to keep up the program with some variety.

The more you enjoy your healthy choices, the easier it is to stick with them. If you can find healthy foods you love, you’ll want to eat them more. If your exercise increases your heartrate with both joy and exertion, you’ll want to do it more often. Dance has the potential to do this for you, thus increasing your chances of staying with your plan.

Dance uses different muscle groups.

When you are trying to be healthy, you need to exercise everything. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can do aerobics that require the entire body, or spend a bit longer working one part of the body at a time. Dance is an activity that moves many parts of the body. It’s a great compliment to your regular routine; whether you run, do yoga, or other cardio, dance is a great addition to work your muscles.

Make a new health plan and let us be part of it at Dance Passion Studio. Come dance with us today.