Choosing Your Dance Class Level 

Depositphotos_6828721_s-2015A lot of people begin taking dance classes because they have never done so before.  However, not everyone is a beginner. There are many, many possible levels of dance knowledge and ability. If you want to take dance classes and you’re wondering at what level you need to begin, consider a few things.


Some people have never, ever taken one step toward trying to dance. These people are clearly ready to start in beginner classes.  In the beginner classes, we start with the basics as though you don’t know anything, then move along quickly adding new steps. So, this is the perfect level for you.

However, even those who have attempted dance before might still benefit from beginner classes. For example, if you have taken dance before, but if it has been several years since you have danced then it may be a good idea to start with beginner classes. The beginner classes are a great way to get a refresher course of your basic steps before moving up to higher level classes with more challenging steps. Or, for those of you who learned in a very informal setting—for instance a friend taught you—then a beginner classes will give you some of those more formal tips you probably missed that could improve your skills.

Because of this, it is well-worth considering a beginner level course if you’re uncertain about your knowledge and ability at all.

Experienced Dancers

Of course, there are those who may feel more confident in their abilities. Someone who learned a dance more recently might be able to jump directly into an upper level class.

Some people are also more confident in their ability to pick things up quickly. If you feel or know that you have a history of, or natural gift for learning things like dance steps swiftly, then you may be ready to start in a higher-level class.

Even if you think you’re ready for a pre-intermediate course, or anything other than a beginner course, you may still wonder what level would be best for you. If questions and uncertainties are still bothering you, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you figure out where the best starting point is for you. Keep in mind that, sometimes, with experienced dancers the only way to know for sure is to sign up for a class level you feel would be best, then we can always move you up or down a level if the class is too easy, or too difficult.  Another option for experienced dancers is to take a private lesson to refresh their basic steps, and to determine the best level in which to start.

If you go to Dance Passion Studio’s website on the class schedule page, you can find course descriptions to give you a better idea of what to expect in our dance classes. Of course, if you still have questions, you can always contact us. We are happy to answer them for you and to have you in any of our classes.

Great Dance Class for an Outing with the Girls 

EV004621Have your outings and get-togethers with the girls gone stale, lately? Are you falling back on the same old ideas—movies, drinks, and dinners at the same places? If it’s time to shake things up with friends, dance classes are the perfect places to shake in general and you can turn them into the perfect girls’ night out.

It Suits Your Schedule

It isn’t always easy finding time for your friends. However, when you are learning something new and exciting, everyone is motivated to find the time. So, when you need a change, dance classes can be just what you and your friends are looking for. They are as flexible as you need them to be. If you go out with the girls on an evening during the week, you can probably find a class then. If you get away together on the weekends, you can take classes then, too. Whatever your normal time to meet up, you can probably find a course.

Even if your schedules change, and so your time together does, too, dance is accommodating enough for that, as well. When you call, e-mail, and text to arrange your next outing, just include the dance schedule. Together, you can narrow down the best times according to the schedule of classes. You may find it helps you decide on a time.

Arrange Something Special

Every now and then, you may want to go out and do something arranged just for you and your friends—something reserved for only your attendance. This is possible with private lessons. They’re not for singles only. If you and your handful of female friends want to have a private lesson, just ask. It is also a great way to make the activity fit into your schedules.

Make a Plan to Use Your Skills

What purpose might a group of friends have to take dance lessons together? Other than doing something different and having fun, you can find any number of reasons to do so. Form a plan. Together, you can find or create a future event that calls for dancing. Choose a club, dance event, or party. Or, plan a party yourselves. Then, choose the dance. Take classes and lessons and have fun learning together. Then, when the time comes, take those skills and use them. Dance a night away at the club. Attend a dance event and participate, maybe even compete. Throw a party, invite more friends, and show off what you’ve been learning. There are plenty of possibilities.

You can all plan to wow your husbands and partners. Perhaps you all wish you had more chances and reasons to dance with your significant others. So, take lessons together. Not only do you spend fun time together, but you also do something to potentially benefit your other relationships. You could even invite your partners along.

Let us be part of your next girls’ night. Come learn to dance together at Dance Passion Studio.