When You’re Ready to Move from Private Lessons to a Group Class

Couple learning to dance in dancing schoolIf you have been taking private dance lessons, there are a number of potential reasons you may have chosen to do so. Perhaps you needed to learn something specific, or wanted some extra time on a certain type of dance, or you and your partner are preparing for your first dance at a wedding. Or, perhaps you wanted to learn to dance in general, but felt uncomfortable in a group class setting.

None of these reasons is more legitimate than the other, and you’re not alone. Plenty of people choose private lessons because they don’t feel ready for a group class. They want some extra time alone with a teacher to feel more prepared.

How do you know that you’re ready?

There comes a time, of course, when you will want to consider moving forward and dancing with others. There are many different indicators to signal that you’re ready to do this.

You feel more at ease in general. When you first started lessons, you may have felt nervous, even though you were starting private lessons. Over time, that feeling should dissipate, allowing you to learn more easily. When you feel this, you may take this as a sign that you’re ready to join the class.

Your teacher says you’re ready. Your dance teacher knows more than the dance steps. She or he can establish your skill level and progress. Then, your teacher will be able to tell when and how much you have progressed, and let you know when you’re ready to move to a group class.

You want to find a dance partner. If you have been taking dance lessons on your own, primarily, then there may come a time when you will want a partner with whom you can dance while your teacher instructs. When you do, it is probably time to move into a group class.

There are additional benefits to joining group classes when you’re ready. When you’re ready to meet other people who enjoy dancing as much as you, you not only gain partners, you improve your skills. It is always better to dance with someone if you want to better your abilities to lead and follow. Plus, dancing is more fun when you’re surrounded by others who enjoy it, too.

If you chose private lessons because you’re unsure of yourself, you are not alone. However, come to Dance Passion Studio and take lessons with us, and we’ll work to help you find the confidence to join others like you in the fun environment of a dance class.