You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Dance Before Learning

Instructor in dance school with coupleIt’s not uncommon for people to assume that they need to know a little of something to study it. Sometimes, that’s because, on some level, they’re feeling fear, and that fear is leading them to make those assumptions; fear of something often makes people search for reasons to avoid doing what they want. There is no reason to fear, and you can move past those negative assumptions; the truth is, you don’t have to know anything about dance before learning.

It’s the Nature of Learning

Learning anything is a beginning; there’s no true prerequisite because you can start at the very beginning. Plenty of people start with nothing and learn something; it’s one of the great things about human capability. You should never let anyone tell you that you have to know something about dance before taking classes. The point of beginner lessons is just that–to begin.

Facing Failure

When it comes to that aforementioned fear, it’s one of those things you can overcome, and possibly do so easily if you try. One of the most common causes of fear is the possibility of failure. However, failure is something everyone experiences. All you need to do is face the fear by risking failure, and know that, if you don’t succeed the first time, it’s not over at all.


Fear leads to self-consciousness. It takes some bravery to “dance like nobody’s watching,” when, in fact, there are people around to see you. This is a similar feeling of fear that makes someone willing to believe they need to know something about dancing before taking lessons. However, dancing can help you overcome your self-consciousness with no prior knowledge of how to dance at all. Learning to dance has so many benefits, and you can reap them all with no prior knowledge.

The Body

You may think that your body isn’t accustomed to dancing, and so it will be hard for you. That is simply not true; while some people need a little extra practice to help their muscle memory, your body is fully capable of learning the moves that come with dance. Proper care of your body through a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, first, and then all you need is consistent practice and patience. Over time, your brain and muscles will learn to move.

A Good Teacher

Of course, to help you on your way, you need a good teacher. A good dance teacher is ready to teach you, no matter what your prior knowledge, or lack of it. A great teacher has patience for even those beginners with absolutely no knowledge of dance whatsoever, and who struggle with their rhythm.

If you can walk, you can dance, too. While you may not know the specific steps, you have everything you need to start off as well as any other beginner. Plus, there is always a learning curve. You’re not under any deadline; there is no pressure. Dance should always be enjoyable, and we strive to make it so at Dance Passion Studio.

Don’t let fear get in your way. There is no prerequisite to learning how to dance. Come see us at Dance Passion Studio and get started today.

When It’s Time to Take Dance Lessons

Senior couple taking dance lessonsHave you ever watched your friends and peers dancing at a celebration? Did you join in, or sit out because you felt you didn’t know how to dance well enough? This is a potential reason to take dance lessons now, and it’s just one. There are many potential reasons to start taking dance lessons as soon as you can.

Make Social Life Better

There will be plenty of chances to dance in the future. Will you be ready? If not, it may be time to take dance classes; you will be ready if you do. Not only will you have more fun at these parties, or anywhere dancing is done, but you’ll also have fun learning, too. Then, you can take what you’ve learned and make the most of it, and never feel like you have to sit out at the next party.

Stress Relief

Whatever you may do for stress relief, dance is a great addition. If you’re stressed and you’re finding that the normal stress-relief routine isn’t working for you, it could be time to take dance classes. The act of dance increases endorphins, makes you feel better, and improves your energy. Plus, it’s fun. You could feel much, much better after a good dance.

You Need an Adventure

If you’ve found yourself in a funk lately, or your life feels stale, it’s time to make a change. Add dance classes to your routine and shake things up. You could be amazed at how it helps lift your spirits. Even if you generally like your job, you still need something different once in a while; everyone gets bogged down with life. Get an adventure and dance.

When it’s time to make a change, work on your social life, or feel better, it’s time to take classes at Dance Passion Studio. Come start with us today.