Escapism in Dance

Depositphotos_164673938_m-2015The benefits of learning to dance are many; in fact, they can’t really be counted. There is something in it for everyone and it can’t always be measured. That is because the benefits are sometimes personal and emotional. Take the part of dancing that leaves some people feeling as though they’ve left the world behind. This escapism is one of the reasons some people love dance.

Why would escapism be a benefit?

Everyone needs a break from the world. It doesn’t mean we’re unhappy with our lives; we just need a little extra rest from the responsibilities of the everyday. Dancing does this by serving as a very strong distraction.

When people are new to dancing, there is a lot to learn. Your mind must memorize steps and your body must get used to those steps, too. It takes a lot of focus. You have to focus on your steps, on your partner, the others around you, your posture, proper movement, and more. All that work is fun, too. When you’re focused on that, you’re away from all those things that have begun to stress you out lately.

If you’re going to escape, it should be something that is genuinely fun. While you’re learning in dance class, it is an entertaining sort of learning. Yes, it’s something functional that you can use in the future, but it’s meant to be exciting, exhilarating, even.

When your body moves, endorphins rise. It’s part of what makes you feel better during and after exercise, and why movement can help with physical pain. Those endorphins relieve stress in the same ways. When you dance, you feel better physically and mentally, and thus can escape for a little while.

Whether you need some relief and an escape, or you need to learn to dance for any specific reason, come to Dance Passion Studio.

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