Find the Best Dance for Your Personality

If you dance, or you want to dance, you know that there are plenty of dances from which you can choose. You also know that you could enjoy dancing any one of them. Have you ever wondered which you might enjoy most? Like any other art, dance has the ability to reveal a part of your personality, and there may just be one that is the best dance for your personality.

The Waltz

Beautiful couple in active ballroom dance, indoorsDo you love Victorian romances? Do you enjoy classical music and the idea of grand ballrooms? Perhaps, you’re even addicted to historical dramas on BBC. If these sound like you, then you might just be well-suited to the Waltz. This dance is a well-known classic, and many people consider it the one of the most important dances for a beginner to learn. It has been danced for centuries, and was even once considered risqué by some societies since it involved men and women dancing in one another’s arms. If you love the idea of glamorous dresses floating and spinning on the floor, you may be thinking of the Viennese Waltz—the version in which the dancers spin on the floor gracefully. It is suitable for almost any occasion; you would have plenty of opportunities in your life to dance the Waltz. It is also a graceful dance, and a great way to get a slice of that classic romance you love so much.

The Tango

Do you love passion and flairs of drama? Does Latin influence in music excite you? The Tango might be a great dance for you. This Latin dance is a popular and dramatic dance full of passion. It is punctuated with sharp movements, in time with staccato music, and is a great way to learn leading and following better. The two dancers must be well-tuned to one another and anticipate movements well because they’re so sharp and sudden. You could have a wonderful time with this exciting dance.

Are you interested in what other dances might suit your personality, or the many aspects of it? Come to Dance Passion Studio. Let us get to know you and we can help you find and learn the perfect dance style for you.

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