Food for Dance Fuel

Delicious  portion of  fresh salmon fillet  with aromatic herbs,Health is important for everyone, no matter what they do. Of course, if they’re active, sometimes they need a little extra boost to stay that way. To keep your body strong enough to dance on a regular basis, you need good nutrition. Food is fuel; get the right stuff to keep you dancing.

Before beginning any new health routine, whether it involves exercise or changes in your diet, remember to consult your doctor. Once you have done that, consider these nutrition tips. They could give you the boost your body needs.


Protein is an important part of keeping muscles strong. This doesn’t necessarily mean consuming large amounts in all forms—meat, supplements, etc. That is primarily for those who want to build a lot of muscle. To be active and dance, you just need to help your muscles grow and strengthen enough to keep moving. Lean protein is the best way to do this—very lean, low cholesterol meats like chicken, turkey, and salmon are great. Remember to eat in moderation and consult your physician about any health concerns you may have when it comes to increasing protein.


Your body needs plenty of water; you probably know this. The more you are active, the more water you need. There is such as thing as drinking too much, so don’t overdo it. Talk to your doctor about how much you drink. If you find yourself with increasing thirst, that could be a sign of a medical issue, and again, you should talk to your doctor. Otherwise, just make sure to drink some water before, during, and after activity.


Carbs have long been the subject of debate among dieters. Some say avoid them more than anything, while others say you need them more than anyone is willing to say. Ultimately, it’s usually find as long as you practice good portion control and eat more of the right kind of carbs. Carbohydrates are classic sources of energy–good calories that give you the energy to do more. Talk to your doctor about what kind of carbs you should eat, and how much.

Eat smarter and you’ll feel better during activity. Get the right food for dance fuel with the help of your physician, and come take dance classes with us at Dance Passion Studio.

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