Making a Daughter’s Dance with Her Father Even More Special  

If you’re getting married, you have probably considered that first dance with your new spouse. You have wondered what song to choose, what sort of dance is best, and you have probably considered taking dance lessons, or even having your dance choreographed by a professional. All of these things are wonderful and you should do them. However, have you considered the daughter’s dance with her father that is common at weddings?

The Classic Father and Daughter Moment

BLD021637It’s a very special moment for fathers and daughters at weddings who are close. The father and daughter dance is symbolic of a major change in that relationship; the father is “letting go” of his daughter so that she may start life with someone else who will take care of her. It can be very emotional and a beautiful moment. So, why not make it even more special with dance lessons, or even a little choreography?

The father and daughter dance is a chance to create a memory worth saving for the years to come. It’s a moment worthy of cherishing. You could rock back and forth on the floor to a song that moves you and your father, and it would still be very sweet. However, imagine if you took some extra time to not only choose that perfect song for the two of you, but you learned to dance together, too.

Make Learning Part of the Memory

First, the process of learning a dance together, whether choreographed for you or not, is a wonderful way to connect with your father before you get married and things change. You can make your dance lessons part of the wonderful memories, and spend a little extra father and daughter time together. Your father may love getting a little more attention before the big day to remind him that some things between you will never really change.

Dance Something Different with Dad

The dance itself could be extra special, as well. There are no rules that say you and your father have to dance slowly to a very nostalgic song. You could learn any dance that pleases you both. Weddings are often emotional, and there will probably be a few tears no matter what you do. However, you can make your father and daughter dance whatever you want. If you want to commemorate this moment with your father with something high-energy, do it. You could have fun showing off your new moves, and even have something a little wild choreographed for you, if that’s your style. Of course, if you still want something slow and moving, you can have that, too. With the help of your dance teacher, you could choreograph a dance so moving there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Your father and daughter dance is a special thing. Make a daughter’s dance with her father even more special by taking it to another level. Enjoy dance lessons together, create something suited to you and your relationship, and make that day about change that isn’t necessarily sad. Come to Dance Passion Studio and let us help you and your father have the best dance.

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