No Rhythm, No Problem: Learn to Dance

EV004621You have heard it said that some people just have “two left feet.” It’s often an excuse not to dance. Well, there is simply no excuse not to dance if it is what you want to do. If you find it difficult and feel you have no rhythm, all you need is practice with the right teacher.

Rhythm comes naturally to most people. Even those who feel they have none are typically held back by things that have nothing to do with their ability to sense rhythm. Sure, maybe they’re less inclined to it than some, but that does not mean they cannot learn it if they want.

How can someone learn to have better rhythm?

Like anything, it takes practice. There are few better ways to find your rhythm than learning to dance. First, however, you will have to overcome some of the other obstacles.

Self-consciousness is a rhythm killer. When you’re so worried about how you appear to others, you cannot truly focus on the task at hand. And, when finding the rhythm does not come easily to you, you need that focus. So, you will have to charge forward and resist the temptation to be affected by those around you. Learning to dance can help with this, too. When you take dance classes, you’re surrounded by people who are also learning to dance. They are so focused on learning their own steps that they are unaware of any struggles you may be having.  And of course, your teacher is there to help you along the way, as well.

When you’ve come to the point where that insecurity no longer troubles you, you can focus on changing the way your body does movement. Dance is about movement in patterns of both time and space. Sometimes, your brain understands the patterns in sound and movement, but your body is slow to catch up. That is just fine; that’s why there is dance practice. Your body has the ability to learn these patterns; we all do it from the very first day we learned to walk. Now, you’re just moving in more complex patterns, and like your baby-self learned to walk, now your body is learning to dance.

Ren McCormack taught the rhythm-less Willard Hewitt how to find the rhythm in Footloose. I may have just been a film, but it has some truth to it. Anyone can find the rhythm and learn to dance. Come to Dance Passion Studio and let us help.

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