Following Gracefully in a Dance

Woman Performing Tango With Man In RestaurantYou know that dancing calls for two people—one leads and one follows. It’s true that leaders have a lot of control in the dance, and that they must be strong sources of command in steps. The follower is just as important. In order for the two to move gracefully together, the follower must be able to do more than be lead. That person must be secure in the steps, strong in form, attentive to a lead’s movements, and flexible enough to move with changes in the dance.

A lot of people have to work at this. In their everyday lives they work to stay in control; following in a dance calls for some control, but also letting go. It is a combination of the two and calls for practice. After all, the person following is doing almost everything that the leader does, but with added spins and turns, or even dancing backward. Just because it is called following doesn’t mean that it is easy, but it can become second nature to you with some tips and plenty of practice.

Maintain a Strong Frame

Just like the leader, a follower must have a strong frame. If the leader has a weak frame, it makes staying in connection and sensing movement more difficult for the follower. If the follower has a weak frame, it harder for the leader to hold on, stay firm, and serve as a physical guide in movement. You do more than follow when you’re not the lead; you help both of you stay connected and strong.

Avoid “spaghetti arms” and keep your back straight. Imagine you’re connected to your partner with an invisible string tied at the chest and core, and keep that core firmly tucked in.

Learn to Let Go

When you’re in the early stages of learning, you will make mistakes. You may have some insecurity and it will cause you to fumble. That is natural. It takes time to become comfortable with the steps. As you do, you stop thinking quite so hard about them. Then, you can let go.

To be a good follower in dance, you have to relax a little and let yourself be flexible to your partner’s movements. If you’re too stiff, or you think too much, you will falter more. It will also be harder for your partner to lead you when you’re stiff; your movements will also be rigid and spasmodic. A good connection to your leader is strong and firm, but adaptable and graceful. Two people “flow” together better when you, as the follower, relax and let the steps, and your leader take you.

Trust Your Leader

Finally, to let go and follow well in a dance, you have to trust your partner. Even if that person is someone you generally trust in life, trusting them in dance takes a little time and practice; it’s a different sort of trust. But keep trying and you will get there.

Learn to surrender and follow in a dance gracefully at Dance Passion Studio. We can help you stay strong, and learn to trust and let go for the most graceful dancing experience.

How to Get Your Wedding Guests to Dance

beautiful bride and groom dancingYour wedding is one of the most important, if not the most important day of your life. You want it to be beautiful and special, and not just for you. You want your guests you be happy for you and have a great time at your celebration. Dancing is a very important part of most wedding celebrations. Fathers dance with daughters, mothers dance with sons, and then guests join in for all sorts of dancing. Of course, there are bound to be a few people reluctant to join in. You can encourage all your wedding guests to dance.

Take Song Requests

You can ask that people request songs when they RSVP, or take requests during the reception. However you do it, letting people have a chance to choose the music may make them happy enough to get on the floor. The more they love the music, the more likely it is that they will dance. Since it’s your wedding, you’re not obligated to play anything you don’t like, but you might be surprised at how much you like some of the requests.

Plan a Group Dance

There are many types of group dances, like line dancing, that call for everyone to join in. Of course, there may be some people who don’t know how, but don’t let that stop you from encouraging your guests to do it. You can start by adding a note on your invitations, or sending out a mass e-mail to your guests. Let them know there will be dancing, and that there will be group dances. Encourage them to learn and send them information on great dance classes like those at Dance Passion Studio. Then, when the time comes, hire or ask someone to lead the dance and teach new dancers.

Spread the Word About Dance Class

Even if you don’t have group dances or take song requests, you can still encourage people to participate in dances at your wedding. Make a point of letting them know in your invitations that there will be music and dancing, and that you hope they will all join in the fun. Then, make a recommendation for a local dance studio where they can take classes if they feel they need them, or might enjoy them.

In fact, you can arrange for everyone in the wedding party—and even more, if you want—to take dance classes together. Special group classes like this make sure everyone is ready to dance and have a great time. They also give you a chance to come up with fun ideas for what you can do on the dance floor at the reception.

At Dance Passion Studio, we know how to get people dancing. Send your wedding guests to us, and ask us about how we can make your first dance as a married couple perfect for you.

Find the Best Dance for Your Personality

If you dance, or you want to dance, you know that there are plenty of dances from which you can choose. You also know that you could enjoy dancing any one of them. Have you ever wondered which you might enjoy most? Like any other art, dance has the ability to reveal a part of your personality, and there may just be one that is the best dance for your personality.

The Waltz

Beautiful couple in active ballroom dance, indoorsDo you love Victorian romances? Do you enjoy classical music and the idea of grand ballrooms? Perhaps, you’re even addicted to historical dramas on BBC. If these sound like you, then you might just be well-suited to the Waltz. This dance is a well-known classic, and many people consider it the one of the most important dances for a beginner to learn. It has been danced for centuries, and was even once considered risqué by some societies since it involved men and women dancing in one another’s arms. If you love the idea of glamorous dresses floating and spinning on the floor, you may be thinking of the Viennese Waltz—the version in which the dancers spin on the floor gracefully. It is suitable for almost any occasion; you would have plenty of opportunities in your life to dance the Waltz. It is also a graceful dance, and a great way to get a slice of that classic romance you love so much.

The Tango

Do you love passion and flairs of drama? Does Latin influence in music excite you? The Tango might be a great dance for you. This Latin dance is a popular and dramatic dance full of passion. It is punctuated with sharp movements, in time with staccato music, and is a great way to learn leading and following better. The two dancers must be well-tuned to one another and anticipate movements well because they’re so sharp and sudden. You could have a wonderful time with this exciting dance.

Are you interested in what other dances might suit your personality, or the many aspects of it? Come to Dance Passion Studio. Let us get to know you and we can help you find and learn the perfect dance style for you.

Tips to Help You Lead a Dance Like a Pro

Professional ballroom dance couple preform an exhibition danceWhen two people move together well during a dance, it’s a beautiful thing to watch; it’s almost seamless. To achieve this, those two people need practice together to learn more than the basic steps. They have to learn how to step with one another, to communicate without words, and grow accustomed to one another’s individual personality in movement. Leading involves some additional responsibility for helping this connection happen and go well. So, here are some tips to help you lead a dance like a pro.

Practice Strength of Frame and Surety of Steps

A strong frame is part of what holds dancers together as they move, making it an important thing. A weak frame, like drooping arms and shoulders, can make it more difficult to stay connected smoothly to your partner, particularly when you move. When your frame is steady and strong, your connection to your partner is stronger. That person has something steady onto which she or he may hold, making it easier to sense the next movement and follow.

When it comes to steps, accidents will happen, particularly in the early stages of learning. What makes a great leader is certainty in steps—meaning, a lack of hesitancy. When you’re hesitant, you’re more likely to make mistakes and step on your partner’s toes. The first step to overcoming this is learning the basics. Then, you practice.

The ability to lead like a pro can only come with time and practice. With each correct step, you build confidence, which is essential for leading well, too. The more you practice, the better your steps and confidence, and the easier it is to focus on the surety of your steps and strength of your frame. Better posture, level arms, shoulders rolled back, and a firm core throughout the dance—all parts of a strong frame—need practice, too; your body has to become accustomed to staying in this position over time.

At Dance Passion Studio, we will do more than teach you to dance; we’ll teach you to lead a dance like a pro, and follow just as gracefully. Sign up for classes today.

Practice Makes Perfect Dance

Dance classes have a great deal to offer you. The more you dance, the better you will become, and the more you will benefit. Of course, you cannot take classes constantly, and your busy life may not allow you to take more than one or two per week. So, what can you do to get the most from what you learn in your classes? For the perfect dance, it is helpful to practice outside of class.

Start by practicing what you know.

Dancing FeetYou can practice anything you learn in class. All you need is space and a way to view what you’re doing, like a mirror. It also helps to have a partner who knows at least as much as you do, but it’s not necessary.  Even just practicing your footwork on your own can be very helpful.

Take your at-home practice one step at a time. Start by practicing the dance one part that you can remember at a time. If you have forgotten any part of the dance, the chances are that your memory will be triggered when you practice the parts you do recall. So, it makes sense to start with what you know.

Be patient with yourself; in the beginning, it can be difficult to remember your steps, but all the classes and private lessons are structured in a way to help you start remembering your steps. So, after a few lessons, you will be able to practice your steps outside of those lessons, or classes.

Talk to your teacher about how to practice.

In private lessons, your teacher can guide you. She or he may have tips on where to begin and how to proceed. You can find out what areas are best for your focus, and more than just general ideas. Your dance teacher may know the best things to help you, specifically, based on your performance in class. She or he may also prefer that you practice according to certain teaching methods.

You don’t have to lose any of what your learned in dance class. Practice dancing at home to make it perfect. Come to Dance Passion Studio and get started today.

The Path to Competitive Ballroom Dancing  

A passion for dance can strike anyone, and at any time. A person can know from the time they are small that they want to dance. Others may find themselves with that desire, even obsession later in life. Whatever the time, and whatever lights the fire, dance can grow into an all-consuming, life-long passion. This is true for all types, including ballroom dancing. Sometimes, dancers approach their teachers with questions about how they can take their love of dance further, even into competitive and professional realms.

True competitive ballroom dancing is a commitment; it’s more than the average hobby. It may be disappointing to some to find that their current lives simply don’t accommodate that sort of commitment to something outside their normal careers and lives. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s impossible to dance competitively, or that they can’t continue dancing, even if competition isn’t really possible. Anyone who loves dancing can do it; anyone interested in dancing competitively merely has to look at what it takes to do so, and decide if they are able to commit to it.


Ballroom dance classes are great places to learn and to improve. As a student, you can get better and enjoy dance more than you ever thought possible in a dance class, in fact. However, you need more training for competition. The type of training someone needs for this comes from a private, professional dance instructor. This person might also teach dance classes, but your lessons would be far more intensive than those classes, and even more than standard private lessons.

Beautiful Latino dancers in actionThis training would have to happen more often, too. While one dance lesson once, or twice per week would work well for someone with general interest, a person with competitive ambitions will need a strict, more thorough training schedule. Even with that training, it can still be quite some time before you will be ready for a professional competition. It is important to establish a reasonable time frame and expectations with your instructor.


The costs to pursue professional goals will be more significant than normal dance classes and lessons. Those costs could be well-worth it; it is important to make sure that you’re ready to spend the money. A professional instructor will be the first major investment. You can certainly do some investigating and find the right instructor for the right price for your needs. Then, you will want to invest in good dance clothing and your instructor can help you make the best choices. Once you begin competing, you will need costumes. You will also have to learn to dance in costumes since they can be elaborate. So, you will need prepare for those costs, too. Talk to a dance professional about the specifics of costs and do some budgeting. Hopefully, you will find a way to afford your dream.

The path to competitive ballroom dancing requires a lot of training, hard work, time investment, and monetary investment. If it is your dream, then go for it. Start by taking some classes or lessons at Dance Passion Studio, and then ask any questions you may have about taking what you learn as far as you can.

Making a Daughter’s Dance with Her Father Even More Special  

If you’re getting married, you have probably considered that first dance with your new spouse. You have wondered what song to choose, what sort of dance is best, and you have probably considered taking dance lessons, or even having your dance choreographed by a professional. All of these things are wonderful and you should do them. However, have you considered the daughter’s dance with her father that is common at weddings?

The Classic Father and Daughter Moment

BLD021637It’s a very special moment for fathers and daughters at weddings who are close. The father and daughter dance is symbolic of a major change in that relationship; the father is “letting go” of his daughter so that she may start life with someone else who will take care of her. It can be very emotional and a beautiful moment. So, why not make it even more special with dance lessons, or even a little choreography?

The father and daughter dance is a chance to create a memory worth saving for the years to come. It’s a moment worthy of cherishing. You could rock back and forth on the floor to a song that moves you and your father, and it would still be very sweet. However, imagine if you took some extra time to not only choose that perfect song for the two of you, but you learned to dance together, too.

Make Learning Part of the Memory

First, the process of learning a dance together, whether choreographed for you or not, is a wonderful way to connect with your father before you get married and things change. You can make your dance lessons part of the wonderful memories, and spend a little extra father and daughter time together. Your father may love getting a little more attention before the big day to remind him that some things between you will never really change.

Dance Something Different with Dad

The dance itself could be extra special, as well. There are no rules that say you and your father have to dance slowly to a very nostalgic song. You could learn any dance that pleases you both. Weddings are often emotional, and there will probably be a few tears no matter what you do. However, you can make your father and daughter dance whatever you want. If you want to commemorate this moment with your father with something high-energy, do it. You could have fun showing off your new moves, and even have something a little wild choreographed for you, if that’s your style. Of course, if you still want something slow and moving, you can have that, too. With the help of your dance teacher, you could choreograph a dance so moving there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Your father and daughter dance is a special thing. Make a daughter’s dance with her father even more special by taking it to another level. Enjoy dance lessons together, create something suited to you and your relationship, and make that day about change that isn’t necessarily sad. Come to Dance Passion Studio and let us help you and your father have the best dance.

Make a Date Out of Dance Class  

Young couple in loveFirst dates can be nerve-wracking; everyone wants it to be special. Of course, many dates end up on fallback activities, like a simple dinner, if only to make it something that you can get out of easily if things go wrong. It doesn’t always have to be this way, however. There are many activities that make for great first dates, and if you are looking for something that qualifies, make a date out of dance class.

Dancing is almost guaranteed to make things fun.

Everyone likes music of some kind. Most people like dancing. While a few people might be nervous about learning to dance, going to a dance class is a great way to move past that nervousness together. Between learning something new, making mistakes at which both of you can laugh together, enjoying the music, and all the other things that come with dance class, you will be having fun in no time. All that first date nervousness goes away, and you have a fun, original first date.

In fact, dance class is a very unique first date idea.

Why spend money on something that you and the person whom you’re dating could do at any time? You can go out to eat anytime, anywhere. How many times do you go to dance class, however? If you’re looking to impress your date with something new, dance class can be just the thing. It’s not easy getting to know someone new, and the distraction of dance is a great way to take the edge off the nervousness, giving the two of you a chance to get to know one another in a fun way, and possibly learn more than you might have on an average first date. Choose dance classes for your date, and you are likely to get some extra points for a unique idea.

You get more for your money.

At a restaurant, you get food, and maybe some conversation. If you’re lucky, you generally like each other and want to go out again. At dance class, you get much more, and all for a reasonable amount of money. You get a new experience, social interaction, to learn something new, a chance to have fun, and more. You get all this, plus the chance for romance with your date. Even if you don’t click with that person as you hoped, you may find yourself clicking with the dance lessons, and coming back for more of them. It may even become your favorite date activity to impress your future partners.

A date is a chance at romantic happiness. Go all out; make a date out of dance class and improve your chances of everything—fun, romance and a second dance, learning something new, finding a great new activity, making new friends, and much more. Bring your date to classes at Dance Passion Studio. We love to make your dance class experiences the best so that you’ll want to come back, with or without your date, time and time again.

Dance Class for Stress Relief  

Couples having dancing classIt is said by many that Americans are overworked. There are numerous studies and articles on the connections between poor health and stress because many believe that there is a direct correlation. You may not be able to stop being overworked at the moment, but if you are stressed there are some measures you can take to help alleviate that stress. Get rest, eat well, take your vacation time when you have it, and take dance class for stress relief.

Different types of dance have been used as part of physical and mental therapy for years. Whether or not it is doctor-recommended depends upon your own physician. However, if you are in sound enough physical condition for dancing, according to your doctor, then dance could easily become one of your outlets for stress relief.

Develop Your Exercise Routine

Being overworked also means that most people don’t get enough exercise. They are often too exhausted after a long day of work to try, even if they could find the time. It is an essential part of good health, however, and it must be done. The fact that it’s necessary often doesn’t help motivate people to do it. What may motivate people, however, is having something interesting to do.

Dance makes a great part of many exercise routines because it’s a break from the norm. When running is simply too much, or you are lacking in any interest to get you motivated, look to dance as something to get you up. Music is part of what makes dance interesting enough to get even the most stressed person moving. Music and the movement that comes with it are well-known for their abilities to help people relax.

Distract Your Mind

One of the causes of stress, or perhaps the continuation of it, is the mind. When you’re overworked and tired, you have little control over when your mind runs with the lists of things that need to be done, things that you should have done, things you wish you had done differently, etc. It’s all very overwhelming and stressful. To get past it and reduce stress, you need a distraction. That is where dance class comes in.

Focus on your feet; your brain uses its power to help you and your body memorize those steps. Add your posture and the movement of the rest of your body to the mix. That complexity will keep your mind focused. Before you know it, you’re no longer stressed. You’re learning, exercising your body and mind, dancing, enjoying the music, and leaving that stressful world behind.

Take a dance class for stress relief. We believe in the power of dance at Dance Passion Studio, and we’re happy to help you leave that stress behind. Come dance with us.

All Adults Should Try a Dance Class

Group of people dancing in dance classSome people learn a dance very early in life. There are still many places and families in which knowing how to dance a little is commonplace. That doesn’t mean that every adult knows how to dance, or that every adult is good at it. It also doesn’t meant that others can’t learn, or won’t enjoy it. There is something in dance class for everyone, and it is never too late to try and learn. If you’re an adult, you should try a dance class, whether you learned to dance when you were young, or not.

Learning Something New

There comes a time in most adults’ lives when they begin to feel like it’s too late to learn certain things. This is particularly true if those things are physical activities. Dance isn’t one of those things that you have to leave behind you when you become an adult.

There is never a wrong time to learn how to dance. You don’t have to become a professional, and there are so many types of dance out there from which you can choose that you can easily find something suited to your activity level. You are perfectly capable of learning something new, and never too old to enjoy what learning to dance has to offer.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

As we grow into adulthood, we sometimes find a comfort zone and remain there. We develop a life, friends, routines, and don’t often venture outside them. There are many benefits, however, to shaking things up and getting out of that comfort zone.

If going to a social occasion like a dance class to learn while surrounded by other people is something you wouldn’t normally do, then you should try it. You could be very surprised by how much you benefit from meeting new people, learning a new activity, and of working through the initial discomfort you might feel. You just might enjoy yourself.

We don’t just want you to dance at Dance Passion Studio; we want you to get so much more out of the joy that is learning to move. Try a dance class. Even as an adult there is so much waiting for you here.