The Path to Competitive Ballroom Dancing  

A passion for dance can strike anyone, and at any time. A person can know from the time they are small that they want to dance. Others may find themselves with that desire, even obsession later in life. Whatever the time, and whatever lights the fire, dance can grow into an all-consuming, life-long passion. This is true for all types, including ballroom dancing. Sometimes, dancers approach their teachers with questions about how they can take their love of dance further, even into competitive and professional realms.

True competitive ballroom dancing is a commitment; it’s more than the average hobby. It may be disappointing to some to find that their current lives simply don’t accommodate that sort of commitment to something outside their normal careers and lives. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s impossible to dance competitively, or that they can’t continue dancing, even if competition isn’t really possible. Anyone who loves dancing can do it; anyone interested in dancing competitively merely has to look at what it takes to do so, and decide if they are able to commit to it.


Ballroom dance classes are great places to learn and to improve. As a student, you can get better and enjoy dance more than you ever thought possible in a dance class, in fact. However, you need more training for competition. The type of training someone needs for this comes from a private, professional dance instructor. This person might also teach dance classes, but your lessons would be far more intensive than those classes, and even more than standard private lessons.

Beautiful Latino dancers in actionThis training would have to happen more often, too. While one dance lesson once, or twice per week would work well for someone with general interest, a person with competitive ambitions will need a strict, more thorough training schedule. Even with that training, it can still be quite some time before you will be ready for a professional competition. It is important to establish a reasonable time frame and expectations with your instructor.


The costs to pursue professional goals will be more significant than normal dance classes and lessons. Those costs could be well-worth it; it is important to make sure that you’re ready to spend the money. A professional instructor will be the first major investment. You can certainly do some investigating and find the right instructor for the right price for your needs. Then, you will want to invest in good dance clothing and your instructor can help you make the best choices. Once you begin competing, you will need costumes. You will also have to learn to dance in costumes since they can be elaborate. So, you will need prepare for those costs, too. Talk to a dance professional about the specifics of costs and do some budgeting. Hopefully, you will find a way to afford your dream.

The path to competitive ballroom dancing requires a lot of training, hard work, time investment, and monetary investment. If it is your dream, then go for it. Start by taking some classes or lessons at Dance Passion Studio, and then ask any questions you may have about taking what you learn as far as you can.

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