Salsa Your Way to Better Balance

Latin danceNot everyone has great balance. Not everyone can hold those yoga poses for the count of ten. That is alright, though. This does not mean that you can’t do things that require balance, or even improve your balance overall.

Salsa is something that requires balance. You have to be able to step and move in various directions, one foot at a time, without falling off of the one foot that sometimes is the only thing keeping you steady as you do the move. You need to be able to step in and out quickly, and sometimes to spin. Does this sound impossible for the balance-challenged? It’s not. In fact, learning to dance can help you improve your balance significantly.


When to put your foot down and went to lift it is one of the keys to good balance, and not just during dance. Some people just have a hard time when it comes to that instinct to switch feet in order to prevent stumbling. To Salsa, you need to learn that timing. You learn how to sense the beat, and then how and when to place your foot. It takes time to learn, but if you learn when to step, you reduce the risk of being thrown off balance.


Salsa calls for good posture. It requires strong leg movements with nice, straight backs and shoulders. When your body is in a strong position like this, you’re less likely to stumble because your upper body does not waver when you step and throw you off. You learn to feel the steps rather than look down at them, which is important when it comes to reaching that state of natural balance.


Your partner is also a key to helping stay balanced. Salsa is about dancing with someone. You rely on each other to communicate and move together. A good partner will help you do more than take the right steps; he or she will provide support and physical guidance. This is a great help when you’re learning when to step and how to step. Before long, you won’t have to rely on your partner much at all, and, instead, your partner will be able to rely on you much more.

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