You Don’t Have to Know Anything About Dance Before Learning

Instructor in dance school with coupleIt’s not uncommon for people to assume that they need to know a little of something to study it. Sometimes, that’s because, on some level, they’re feeling fear, and that fear is leading them to make those assumptions; fear of something often makes people search for reasons to avoid doing what they want. There is no reason to fear, and you can move past those negative assumptions; the truth is, you don’t have to know anything about dance before learning.

It’s the Nature of Learning

Learning anything is a beginning; there’s no true prerequisite because you can start at the very beginning. Plenty of people start with nothing and learn something; it’s one of the great things about human capability. You should never let anyone tell you that you have to know something about dance before taking classes. The point of beginner lessons is just that–to begin.

Facing Failure

When it comes to that aforementioned fear, it’s one of those things you can overcome, and possibly do so easily if you try. One of the most common causes of fear is the possibility of failure. However, failure is something everyone experiences. All you need to do is face the fear by risking failure, and know that, if you don’t succeed the first time, it’s not over at all.


Fear leads to self-consciousness. It takes some bravery to “dance like nobody’s watching,” when, in fact, there are people around to see you. This is a similar feeling of fear that makes someone willing to believe they need to know something about dancing before taking lessons. However, dancing can help you overcome your self-consciousness with no prior knowledge of how to dance at all. Learning to dance has so many benefits, and you can reap them all with no prior knowledge.

The Body

You may think that your body isn’t accustomed to dancing, and so it will be hard for you. That is simply not true; while some people need a little extra practice to help their muscle memory, your body is fully capable of learning the moves that come with dance. Proper care of your body through a healthy lifestyle is always recommended, first, and then all you need is consistent practice and patience. Over time, your brain and muscles will learn to move.

A Good Teacher

Of course, to help you on your way, you need a good teacher. A good dance teacher is ready to teach you, no matter what your prior knowledge, or lack of it. A great teacher has patience for even those beginners with absolutely no knowledge of dance whatsoever, and who struggle with their rhythm.

If you can walk, you can dance, too. While you may not know the specific steps, you have everything you need to start off as well as any other beginner. Plus, there is always a learning curve. You’re not under any deadline; there is no pressure. Dance should always be enjoyable, and we strive to make it so at Dance Passion Studio.

Don’t let fear get in your way. There is no prerequisite to learning how to dance. Come see us at Dance Passion Studio and get started today.

Pushing Your Own Boundaries with Dance

feet partners on the dance floorWhen you learn something new, you push your boundaries. When you learn something new despite it being difficult, or uncomfortable, you push yourself even further. These can be great things to do. Generally, it’s good for everyone to push themselves in life. Most people do it when they start a career or new job, they get married, have children, and anytime in life when something new comes along that takes time to adjust, learn, and grow. You could push your own boundaries by learning to dance.

Sometimes, we hit points at which our lives seem to have settled. We’re comfortable, satisfied overall, and though we have our trials, major changes seem to have stopped, at least for the moment. This is when it’s great to go in search of something to help you continue growing.

Growing Through Dance

Dance is a learning process; both your body and mind retain information. That alone is a growth experience. Every time you practice and get better, you push your boundaries and grow a little more. Not only do you push your physical boundaries, but your learning capabilities, too. And, you press yourself toward more fun. You give yourself more opportunities to have fun in the future, while having fun in the present by learning. All of these things are ways in which learning to dance expands your horizons.

Of course, none of this means that the dancing will come easy. However, practice and powering through are how you get the most out of the dance. That is also how you push your boundaries and get better. The more you practice, the further you press on toward more.

Let us help you push your boundaries with dance at Dance Passion Studio. We would love to help you grow and learn, and all while having fun.

Practicing Great Dance Etiquette

West Coast SwingDancing is, and should be many things—fun, exhilarating, graceful, and much more. In order for it to be these things, everyone involved must work together, and that means more than learning the right steps. People must be mindful of one another, supportive, and work to create a safe, pleasant space to dance and learn. There is such a thing as dance class, and general social dancing etiquette. Most of this etiquette is common sense, but here are a few reminders of what you can do.

Greet Others, Be Kind, and Smile

Pleasantness and a smile go a long way, particularly when you start with them. Try to start with a kind “Hello” and a smile; you could find it impacts every meeting positively from that point forward.

Try to Be on Time

It’s hard to get everything from a dance class if you’re late. Plus, it disrupts your teacher and other students, and someone else might be left without a partner. The best thing to do for you and everyone is to always do your best to be on time. Everyone understands that traffic can be terrible and there is nothing you can do about it (particularly in Houston), so others will probably be forgiving, too.

Practice Patience

Learning takes time and practice, for you and everyone else in the class. Anytime you learn something new, it can be frustrating. It’s important to practice patience. Be patient with yourself and trust your teacher to help you. Be patient with your fellow classmates, too.

Remember that You’re Learning, Too

If you’re dancing with a partner who is newer to the dance than you, or is learning a little more slowly, it could be frustrating. Don’t try to teach, however. You might not realize you’re doing it, and it can make things uncomfortable for your partner. Trust your teacher to help, and be patient.

Be Encouraging

Positive energy and encouragement go a long way for everyone. The polite thing to do is take a moment to be encouraging sometimes to your partner and classmates. Everyone needs to be reminded that they’re improving, or will.

Listen Well

Your teacher knows the dance and how to teach it, so listen to what she or he has to say. When you dance with your partner, listen to that person, too. Dance is largely about communication, even when it’s not verbal. Listening and paying attention are keys, and being polite.

Be Open to Partners

When you’re in a class, you never really know who your partner will be. You might get someone familiar, and you might not. You might be partnered with someone who knows as much as you, and you might not. Be open to new partners; dancing with them is the chance for new learning experiences.

Admit When You’re Wrong, or May be Wrong

If you step on someone’s feet, always apologize. If someone steps on your feet, never assume it’s their fault. Learners will make mistakes, even as they get better. Practice good etiquette and be willing to apologize.

Be Thankful

It’s important to have a partner when you’re learning. When someone dances with you, learns with you, and they’re kind, patient, and have all-around good dance etiquette, that’s worth being thankful. So, thank your dance partners after each dance.

Great dance etiquette is more than just politeness; it makes the entire dance class experience better for everyone. It’s much easier to learn when everyone is pleasant. Come to Dance Passion Studio to enjoy learning to dance.

How to Get Your Wedding Guests to Dance

beautiful bride and groom dancingYour wedding is one of the most important, if not the most important day of your life. You want it to be beautiful and special, and not just for you. You want your guests you be happy for you and have a great time at your celebration. Dancing is a very important part of most wedding celebrations. Fathers dance with daughters, mothers dance with sons, and then guests join in for all sorts of dancing. Of course, there are bound to be a few people reluctant to join in. You can encourage all your wedding guests to dance.

Take Song Requests

You can ask that people request songs when they RSVP, or take requests during the reception. However you do it, letting people have a chance to choose the music may make them happy enough to get on the floor. The more they love the music, the more likely it is that they will dance. Since it’s your wedding, you’re not obligated to play anything you don’t like, but you might be surprised at how much you like some of the requests.

Plan a Group Dance

There are many types of group dances, like line dancing, that call for everyone to join in. Of course, there may be some people who don’t know how, but don’t let that stop you from encouraging your guests to do it. You can start by adding a note on your invitations, or sending out a mass e-mail to your guests. Let them know there will be dancing, and that there will be group dances. Encourage them to learn and send them information on great dance classes like those at Dance Passion Studio. Then, when the time comes, hire or ask someone to lead the dance and teach new dancers.

Spread the Word About Dance Class

Even if you don’t have group dances or take song requests, you can still encourage people to participate in dances at your wedding. Make a point of letting them know in your invitations that there will be music and dancing, and that you hope they will all join in the fun. Then, make a recommendation for a local dance studio where they can take classes if they feel they need them, or might enjoy them.

In fact, you can arrange for everyone in the wedding party—and even more, if you want—to take dance classes together. Special group classes like this make sure everyone is ready to dance and have a great time. They also give you a chance to come up with fun ideas for what you can do on the dance floor at the reception.

At Dance Passion Studio, we know how to get people dancing. Send your wedding guests to us, and ask us about how we can make your first dance as a married couple perfect for you.

Improve Your Life with Dance

Young couple dances Caribbean SalsaDance is great for your body. It’s also great for your confidence, mental stress reduction, and much more. In fact, learning to dance has the potential to make many things in your life a bit better, if not much better. If you need a boost in your life, be it energy throughout the day, confidence or less stress at work, or patience at home, you can improve your life with dance.

Too many hardworking people neglect their health to meet their career goals. Most, if not all those people know that this is unhealthy. However, we live in a time and world in which a lot of emphasis is placed on work ethic, income, and moving up in a career. Of course, not all people are aware of just how much work, and other stresses in life are affecting them.


Confidence stems from success. It’s even better when that success is the result of good work ethic. If you are having trouble with confidence in your life—at work, socially, in relationships, etc.—you might just need the push of some success outside of work. This builds confidence, and you can take that confidence to work, and anywhere else.


Sometimes, all we need is a little change in how we perceive our appearance. It’s not always about how others see us, but how we see ourselves. If you take up dancing, you’re pursuing a healthy habit. Your body may change, and your posture, too. All this has the ability to help you change the way you see yourself, and thus how you present yourself to others.


In order to have energy, you have to use it. It sounds exhausting, but it’s common knowledge that exercise helps increase stamina. This is true of both the body and mind. Dancing is great for the brain; it exercises your cognition, memory, and aids your balance. Medical professionals even believe it can stave off dementia. Dance can give your body and mind what they need to be alert.

If you want to try and improve your life with dance, then come to Dance Passion Studio. We have plenty of classes to help you on your way.

Staying Motivated for Your New Year’s Dance Resolution

Every year, people make resolutions. And, every year, people give up on them. Not everyone loses that motivation, of course, but plenty of people find it difficult to maintain. If you’ve made the resolution to take dance classes, you have a lot of fun ahead of you. Of course, if you can’t keep up your motivation for that new year’s dance resolution, you will miss a lot. So, try some tips to help you maintain that inspiration.

Let the Music Move You

Dance lesson with latino instructorIs there music that you just love and makes you want to move every time you hear it? If you already feel the desire to dance, you’re well on your way to what you need to get the most of your dance lessons. You can use what you learn in dance classes when you dance to the music you love. So, listen to that music more. Make a list of those songs and go searching for you new ones. Let the music remind you of how much you want to dance so that you don’t let those classes, and that resolution pass you by.

Make Goals

Sometimes, you need more than just a desire to take classes; motivation comes in many forms. If fun doesn’t inspire you enough, try goals. Some people need a finish line to keep them going. If meeting a goal might make you slow down, then set many. Once you meet one goal, you can move on to the next. You could keep going as far as you want, finding strength, satisfaction, and confidence each time you accomplish the things you put in front of yourself.

Have Fun and Meet People

It is much easier to do almost anything when you enjoy it. Dance is always fun. Group classes, in particular are great fun; not only are you learning to dance, but you’re meeting people who are also having fun. Many of them will have the same goals as you, too, and that camaraderie also serves as great motivation.

Take that new year’s dance resolution all the way. Find your motivation to keep going. Come dance with us at Dance Passion Studio and we’ll not only teach you how to dance, we’ll help you keep it up all year if that’s what you want.

A New Plan for Your Health with Dance

EV004621Health is a complex thing; everyone maintains their health in different ways for their different bodies. That is why there are so many options for people who search for methods to stay healthy. All good health plans have a few things in common: good foods in moderation, exercise, and persistence. If you’re working to make a new plan for your health, consider adding a dance schedule.

It helps vary your exercise patterns.

When trying to maintain a health plan, many people struggle with the exercise routines for various reasons. Life may become busy and make it difficult to keep it up. Or, routines sometimes become a little dull. Dance is a great thing for both schedules and variety. When life gets busy and you need to be able to schedule your time well in advance, dance classes allow you to do that. Sign up for classes one or two weeks ahead of time, sometimes more, so you can make sure they fit into your plans. If you have time between dance classes, you can still continue your normal exercise program. When combined with the classes, you have something to break up the routine and keep it interesting.

It’s easier to keep up the program with some variety.

The more you enjoy your healthy choices, the easier it is to stick with them. If you can find healthy foods you love, you’ll want to eat them more. If your exercise increases your heartrate with both joy and exertion, you’ll want to do it more often. Dance has the potential to do this for you, thus increasing your chances of staying with your plan.

Dance uses different muscle groups.

When you are trying to be healthy, you need to exercise everything. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can do aerobics that require the entire body, or spend a bit longer working one part of the body at a time. Dance is an activity that moves many parts of the body. It’s a great compliment to your regular routine; whether you run, do yoga, or other cardio, dance is a great addition to work your muscles.

Make a new health plan and let us be part of it at Dance Passion Studio. Come dance with us today.

Learning More than Steps in Dance Class 

dance, mind, body, healthIt is obvious that the primary reason for taking a dance class is learning to dance. There are other, deeper, less obvious potential reasons—exercise, socialization, romance, etc. Yet, whatever your reasons for choosing to take dance classes, there are things you may learn that you never intended. Sometimes, something like dance class can teach you things about life that you did not plan on learning, but that could hold value for you for a long time to come.

The best things in life are worth the effort.

Learning to dance takes time. Some people may learn faster than others, but even those who learn quickly will find that persistence and a can-do attitude goes a long way. It is worth it for many people; dancing is a great pleasure in life and much of the enjoyment comes from both learning, and then doing once you have learned. That is because the best, most enjoyable things in life sometimes take a little time.

However, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will learn to dance and how easy it can be when it is taught by a professional dance instructor. Plus, when you are having fun it doesn’t even seem like you have to try because you are just enjoying the moment.

Things go much faster if you remember to pause and really listen.

Most of us feel we listen to the people around us. We are told from a very young age to do so. When you take a dance class, listening and paying attention becomes very important. You have to watch and really listen to your teacher. The more you do, the faster you will learn what is being taught. Sometimes we’re reminded by something like dance that we can always be better at listening, and that, when we make the effort, certain things are improved.

Remain aware of those around you.

Whether you’re driving, walking down the street, or doing anything else, it’s essential to remember that there are others to consider in your actions. We know this and we sometimes forget it; we all get caught up on our own lives and thoughts. When you dance, you’re quickly reminded that, as you learn the steps, you must also learn how to take them without running into others. Over time, it almost becomes second nature to both dance and avoid collision with other dancers. It’s a good reminder of how important it is to keep the people around you in mind.

You may not develop perfection with practice, but you will get better if you stick to it.

You have heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” This may not be entirely true; it’s arguable that perfection isn’t really possible in many cases. In fact, you may have experienced this at some point in your life. However, regular practice does make you better and get you where you want to be over time. This is, yet again, something that we sometimes forget as we grow up.

Dance instructors are aware that students will need a little extra practice to get the steps down, so classes and private lessons always give students the opportunity for a little extra practice on any new steps.

If you want to learn to dance, then call us at Dance Passion Studio. We love to teach dance for many reasons—there is so much more to learn than just the steps.

Make Dance a Summertime Goal

EV004621Every season holds its own individual joys. It has its own holidays, activities that people like to do, and more. Any time is a great time to take up dance classes and lessons; dance is an any-season activity. So, why not take advantage of that this summer?

If you are making summer goals—traveling, saving money, losing weight, learning something new, or anything else—consider making dance a part of your summer goals. Here are some reasons why.

Summer is a time to enjoy.

Summer is generally a time when people do the things they want. School is out and students are ready to enjoy their vacation. People travel and seek out the more pleasurable things in life. They use their time off from work. All of this equals an excellent time to take up dance classes.

Make dance classes part of your summer fun. Your mind and body stay active, you have something to break up your summer work week, and yet another item on your list of summer pleasures. Plus, if you attend any summer events, you’ll be ready for dancing.

You can stay active and still keep your summer schedule.

For many, summer is a time to relax. However, most people also want to stay active. They want to have equal parts relaxation and activity. There is no reason why they cannot. Add some dance classes to your summer schedule. You can keep both your body and mind active; you learn something and move your body. Dance also lets you accomplish this in a comfortable setting, away from the summer heat waves. When you’re finished, you can have that nice downtime, or take what you’ve learned and use it. You can make time for classes even if your summer is full of fun plans. Dance is a positive addition to your summer.

Make some new friends.

Do you enjoy chances to get out in the summer and engage with people? Or, do you have a goal to be more social? Dance classes allow that. You never know who you’ll meet. And, if you need a little practice socializing, you can get that, too. You might just add to your list of people with whom you can have some summer fun.

By fall, you’ll be ready to dance.

Do you enjoy autumn parties and gatherings of any sort? You can show off your moves. If you’ve never really been interested in attending fall and winter events, you may find yourself ready to, once you’ve learned your new dance moves. Ultimately, you get to have fun learning in the summer, and have fun using what you’ve learned by the fall. Enjoy that autumn dance, Halloween party, or Christmas gathering and dance with confidence.

Summer is the chance to do a lot—have fun, relax, be active, learn something, go somewhere, meet people, and more. Take that chance and dance. Come to Dance Passion Studio. We have plenty of classes for you to add some fun to your summer schedule and goals.







Surprise Your Valentine with Dance

Couple learning to dance in dancing schoolValentine’s Day can be a fun holiday. It’s an excuse to celebrate your relationships and show your love to your husband, wife, or even family and friends. If you’re looking for something different and special to give them, consider the gift of dance. You can give this gift in several ways.

Gift Certificates are always an option.

You can easily purchase some gift certificates for either classes or private lessons. They can be for the recipient only, or for the both of you to do together. If you give the certificates early, you can spend Valentine’s Day together somewhere special and use all you learned, and dance together. If you have other plans, the gift certificates will last; you can extend the feeling by celebrating Valentine’s Day, and the using the gift later to continue enjoying time together.

You can learn to dance for Valentine’s Day.

Start the fun and love early. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to take the lessons. Go with your significant other and take some lessons. Have private lessons or classes, and then use them later on the big day. You can make Valentine’s Day even more special by planning ahead together. Or, you can surprise your partner by encouraging him or her to take lessons, and then revealing a special event or night out on the holiday, during which you use what you learned together.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Dancing is an activity that couples can do together throughout their relationship. By giving the gift of dance on Valentine’s Day, you do more than celebrate a special occasion; you offer something that lasts. You now have something that allows you to come together, to rekindle the romance from time to time, to go out and meet new people, and to try new things like different types of dance. And, each time you dance, you’ll both remember that special Valentine’s Day when you learned to dance together.

Do something different this Valentine’s Day. Dance has the potential to be so much more than a small activity for the special occasion. You can make it the central gift to your loved one with a gift certificate, or it can be the something special you do together on the day. Whatever you choose, we at Dance Passion Studio are happy to help you make it the best Valentine’s Day. Get gift certificates for classes or lessons on our website, or take lessons with your significant other.