Express Yourself and Dance 

dance, healthSelf-expression is more than just modern art, film, etc. We all express ourselves in some way, be it via the arts, physical activity, or merely vocalizing our feelings. And, when we do, it often lifts our spirits and gives us energy—just like learning to dance.

Dance is a long-time form of expression.

Dance has always been a form of expression. Historically, ancient people used it to communicate during ceremonies and religious celebrations; they told stories and exhibited strong emotions via movement. Anyone can find a type of dance that moves them and allows them to express themselves—no performance or ceremony necessary. From regional standards like the Two-Step, to bellydancing, to ballroom, and beyond, people have discovered the great joy that dancing brings.

There are many benefits to choosing dance as your way to express yourself.

Of the modes of self-expression available, dance is also one of the healthier ones. It is active; it moves your body, strengthening it and teaching it to move more easily. It also promotes healthy brain activity, aiding memory and other mental abilities.

You can work with your dance teacher and request a special dance, or you can choose to take classes, and learn any style that moves you and makes you feel like you’re expressing something.  You don’t have to choreograph a grand ballet to express yourself through dance; just the fun of dancing to your favorite song, whether it is with someone special in your life like a friend, husband, wife, or family member, or even with someone you just met is enough to feel expressive.  The true joy of dancing is when you share it with others.

We teach many different dances at Dance Passion Studio. You can learn with a class, take private lessons, and we can even help you with something special for an event. Come express yourself, or learn to dance for any reason.

Heat Things Up: Salsa

Dance is an excellent way to get closer to someone. It is also a good way to feel good about yourself through an active, exciting pursuit. Whether it’s to liven things up with a partner, or feel better and more sensual, dances like salsa can help turn up the heat.

Salsa has its roots in Latin history and music. There are different styles and it is a very popular type of dance around the world. There are a few reasons why it has become so popular, including its energetic movements that look and feel sexy, and can inspire confidence.

Depositphotos_6828721_s-2015To understand salsa’s sensuality all you need to do is watch it. Salsa involves highly animated movements of the hips and legs, and is, overall, very fun to watch. It can be a shared experience when you engage in it with an intimate partner; through salsa, you and your partner can express your feelings for one another with your bodies in an active, exciting way. However, even if you do not already have a partner, the energy of salsa dancing provides ample exercise that can leaving you feeling equally good about yourself. Learning how to dance builds confidence, as does exercise that makes you feel healthy and invigorated. Combine those feelings with the sexy movements of salsa and you have found an exciting, healthy exercise routine for your body and your self-confidence.

Salsa is a dance for two. If you and your partner are searching for an exciting way to get closer, learning salsa is an excellent activity to pursue together. However, the personal benefits are also great reasons to take up lessons with a great teacher if you do not already have a partner. Who knows, if you take what you’ve learned to a public dance floor you may find your future, more permanent dance partner there.

Have a Fling this Spring

Spring is as good a reason as any to get out and have some fun, and to do something new. The weather is generally pleasant and there are plenty of local activities to join. One particularly good way to enjoy the springtime is by dancing. Learn some new steps and participate at a local Spring Fling event, an outdoor event, a wedding dance, or just for a different, fun activity.

couple silhouette at sunset

Love is in the Air: Spring and love go well together. The season is a peak for weddings, which means a chance for love between more than the bride and groom.  Some classic ballroom dancing is a definitive way to enjoy something romantic with your partner while getting ready for an upcoming wedding; even if you’re not the ones getting married, it’s a chance to enjoy doing something different together. Whether you have a wedding dance to attend, or you just want to spend some quality time getting closer, learning to glide and spin effortlessly together on the dance floor is a pleasurable way to accomplish your romantic goals.

Enjoy the Country: If you look around, you’ll find that Texas offers plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the weather and season. These include rodeos, outdoor parties and events, and more. Line dancing, the Texas Two Step, and other common country western dances are notably fun. Some are challenging and likely to provide some laughs, not to mention an entertaining workout. Take some private or group lessons, and then get in on the spring fun. Some country western dancing is a good way to add entertaining variety to your night life.

Spring into step today; the season will be over before you know it. You don’t want to miss out on all the potential fun at the local spring dances, or let a chance to dance pass you by.




The Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

dance, dancingPerhaps you’ve always had an interest in dance, but you’ve been too nervous to dance in public. One of the best ways to get into the art of dance is by signing up for private lessons. Doing so can help you discover your passion for dance, whether you want to practice socially or eventually perform for an audience. Here are the key benefits of registering for private lessons.

You receive undivided attention.
Unlike a dance class, private lessons ensure that you are working one-on-one with the instructor of your choice.

You can dance individually with your teacher
Your teacher can give you an idea of how specific steps and moves should “feel” while you practice together.

You can identify areas for improvement
Because you’re working one-on-one, your instructor can keep an eye on where you can make improvements as you learn. This is another benefit of receiving undivided attention.

You want to tackle the ‘awkward beginning stage’
Some people prefer to get over their “two left feet” individually with an instructor, rather than in a group around other students.

Contact Dance Passion Studio today to learn more about starting private lessons. We can help you learn a new dance and unlock your passion.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Dance

wedding, danceEvery bride and groom wants to impress their guests at their wedding reception, and this is commonly done through the art of dance. If you’re working on creating a wedding dance to awe your family and friends, here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

Think of your footwear
Will you be dancing in heels during the actual reception? What about the groom’s footwear? Ideally, both of you should practice in the shoes you’ll be wearing to get comfortable before the official dance.

Don’t be afraid to take a few lessons
Even if you’ve never taken any dance lessons before, signing up for a few before your reception can get both you and your partner ready for the event.

Consider your dream dance
Have you always envisioned your first dance being a slow dance with your significant other, or something more lively? Take your “dream dance” into account as you device on a wedding dance for your reception.

To make sure that you’re prepared for your first dance on your Big Day, contact Dance Passion Studio! We can help you learn the footwork of the dance of your choice, whether you want a traditional Waltz or Rumba or maybe you prefer something flashy like a Tango or Jitterbug, our instructors will help you create the dance of your dreams.

How to Stay Motivated While Learning to Dance

dance, healthLearning to dance can be fun, inspiring and relaxing. However, there are always some bumps in the road when learning a new type of dance or trying a move for the first time. That being said, there are ways you can keep your chin up and stay motivated during the learning process. Here are some tips for getting through your biggest challenges.

Listen to Music that Gets You Motivated
Music can be a big motivator, especially when it’s by your favorite singer or band. As you learn new moves, try practicing to music that gets you in the groove. Doing so can keep your spirits high while you learn the basics of your latest dance.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
You chose the dance you’re working on because you want to master it, right? Use this as your motivation to reach the finish line. Think of how good you’ll feel when you learn all of the moves and get every step just right.

Assess Your Recent Accomplishments
You may still be working on a specific dance or move, but think about what you’ve accomplished up to this point. Perhaps you’ve reached a personal goal, such as establishing a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you mastered a move that was giving you trouble. Thinking back on your existing accomplishments can be a great motivator.

As you look ahead to other dance challenges, see what else you can find at Dance Passion Studio. We have a wide range of classes that may pique your interest, whether you’ve always wanted to learn Country Western or Ballroom dancing.

4 Ways Dancing Benefits the Mind

dance, mind, body, healthYou already know that dancing is a fun physical activity, but did you know that it can potentially benefit your brain, too? Here are four advantages you may experience as a result of dancing.

  1. Superfluidity
    Researchers have determined that dancers may benefit from superfluidity through the memorization of steps over time. The ability to memorize and execute steps in sequence can translate into maximized performance in other areas of life.
  2. Brain Power
    Dance requires several brain functions to fire off at once, which increases your overall neural activity. Because you use a great deal of your brain while dancing, you can essentially “exercise” your mind every time you hit the dance floor. In turn, this may lead to better cognitive function and memory later in life.
  3. Positivity
    Dancing is a confidence booster, and it can also improve your overall mood if you do it to relax or have fun. Dance is considered to be another form of emotional expression, and it can be just as big of a release for those who are combating issues, such as depression.
  4. Better Decision-making
    Dancers are required to make split decisions with every step they take. Going through the routine repeatedly only improves the brain’s ability to make decisions. In addition to strengthening muscle memory, dancing can potentially make you “smarter” by helping with the decision-making part of your everyday life.

To learn more about dancing and sign up for your first class, contact Dance Passion Studio today. We have classes for dances ranging from Latin to Jitterbug Swing!