Tips to Help You Lead a Dance Like a Pro

Professional ballroom dance couple preform an exhibition danceWhen two people move together well during a dance, it’s a beautiful thing to watch; it’s almost seamless. To achieve this, those two people need practice together to learn more than the basic steps. They have to learn how to step with one another, to communicate without words, and grow accustomed to one another’s individual personality in movement. Leading involves some additional responsibility for helping this connection happen and go well. So, here are some tips to help you lead a dance like a pro.

Practice Strength of Frame and Surety of Steps

A strong frame is part of what holds dancers together as they move, making it an important thing. A weak frame, like drooping arms and shoulders, can make it more difficult to stay connected smoothly to your partner, particularly when you move. When your frame is steady and strong, your connection to your partner is stronger. That person has something steady onto which she or he may hold, making it easier to sense the next movement and follow.

When it comes to steps, accidents will happen, particularly in the early stages of learning. What makes a great leader is certainty in steps—meaning, a lack of hesitancy. When you’re hesitant, you’re more likely to make mistakes and step on your partner’s toes. The first step to overcoming this is learning the basics. Then, you practice.

The ability to lead like a pro can only come with time and practice. With each correct step, you build confidence, which is essential for leading well, too. The more you practice, the better your steps and confidence, and the easier it is to focus on the surety of your steps and strength of your frame. Better posture, level arms, shoulders rolled back, and a firm core throughout the dance—all parts of a strong frame—need practice, too; your body has to become accustomed to staying in this position over time.

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