When It’s Time to Take Dance Lessons

Senior couple taking dance lessonsHave you ever watched your friends and peers dancing at a celebration? Did you join in, or sit out because you felt you didn’t know how to dance well enough? This is a potential reason to take dance lessons now, and it’s just one. There are many potential reasons to start taking dance lessons as soon as you can.

Make Social Life Better

There will be plenty of chances to dance in the future. Will you be ready? If not, it may be time to take dance classes; you will be ready if you do. Not only will you have more fun at these parties, or anywhere dancing is done, but you’ll also have fun learning, too. Then, you can take what you’ve learned and make the most of it, and never feel like you have to sit out at the next party.

Stress Relief

Whatever you may do for stress relief, dance is a great addition. If you’re stressed and you’re finding that the normal stress-relief routine isn’t working for you, it could be time to take dance classes. The act of dance increases endorphins, makes you feel better, and improves your energy. Plus, it’s fun. You could feel much, much better after a good dance.

You Need an Adventure

If you’ve found yourself in a funk lately, or your life feels stale, it’s time to make a change. Add dance classes to your routine and shake things up. You could be amazed at how it helps lift your spirits. Even if you generally like your job, you still need something different once in a while; everyone gets bogged down with life. Get an adventure and dance.

When it’s time to make a change, work on your social life, or feel better, it’s time to take classes at Dance Passion Studio. Come start with us today.

The Other Side of Dance Classes 

Athletic dance teacher instructing retired woman in the ballroomMany people find dance classes fun. They make for a great social pastime. However, there is another side to dance classes; they’re more than a way to have some fun. They offer ways to maintain mental and physical health, interact with others and be more social, and rekindle loving relationships.


Health is very important. Every day we read about the poor state of people’s health in the U.S. While there are plenty of ways to be active and healthy, any activity that qualifies as a way to do so deserves some consideration. Dance is also more than a way to get the body moving—it’s something that gives many people joy. Finding joy in something that helps you stay healthy is not always an easy thing.

Dance also has the potential to aid in the improvement of mental health. In some cases, dance is even recommended by physicians to help manage problems like anxiety and dementia. Studies have shown that the mental power necessary to learn dance serves as exercise for the mind, as well as relief from the symptoms of some mental illnesses. When something like dance offers such strong potential health benefits, it’s worth taking seriously.


For most people, being social is an essential part of life. Without some human interaction, we never learn to communicate and connect with others in healthy ways, which can impact our lives negatively in many ways. Dance classes offer opportunities for social interaction. However, they do not force immediate connections upon people, which can be essential for those who want more interaction, but need a little extra time and space to do so. The activity serves somewhat of a distraction so that dancers do not feel too much pressure to interact. Enjoying the dance also helps distract from and alleviate any anxieties associated with social interactions.


Relationships are about connection and closeness. When two people who love one another find their relationship lacking, or are struggling, a classic method for renewing feelings is to find an activity that you can do together. Often, the activity should allow two people to cooperate, work together, as well as feel emotionally connected. Dance classes or private dance lessons can offer all of this. Learning dance together requires communication and cooperation; two people must learn not only to move together, but to anticipate one another, as well. Plus, the physical closeness and music create an emotionally charged atmosphere capable of reigniting that romantic spark. It also helps that the feeling doesn’t have to end in class; a couple can take what they have learned and use it almost anywhere they please, and anytime they need to feel closer again.

There is plenty to love about dance. Come find out more about all the benefits of learning to dance by signing up for classes at Dance Passion Studio today, and have fun while learning something new.

What Makes a Great Dance Teacher

Athletic dance teacher instructing retired woman in the ballroomOf the many things that make taking dance classes great, having a great teacher is one of the most important. A great teacher should truly love being a dance instructor. This love shows in many ways, including enthusiasm, flexibility, and kindness.


Great dance teachers take dance very seriously. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of fun during dance; it means that they truly enjoy what they do. When this is true, their enthusiasm will be palpable. They’ll be energetic and ready to dedicate the time it takes you teach you what you want to know. A good teacher is ready to share her or his love of dance.


Everyone learns differently. This is something that a dance teacher must accommodate and it’s not an easy thing to do when you have a classroom full of people. A great dance teacher knows how to present the dance in ways that work for everyone and how to make sure there’s time for when individuals need a little one-on-one time. This flexibility in teaching can take a lot of work to learn and implement.


We have all had a teacher who was less than friendly. As a result, we all know just how important it is to find a teacher with whom you can connect, who is friendly, understanding, patient, and kind. Learning something new, like dance, takes time and effort, and it can be frustrating. Having a kind teacher makes tackling the dance and the frustration much easier. These teachers are also supportive in your efforts; they reinforce your desire to learn and inspire you to continue doing so.

Come find great teachers you love at Dance Passion Studio. We have experience and the love of dance, and we enjoy teaching those who want to learn. Come have fun with us in our group classes, or get more one-on-one time with your teacher during a private lesson. We’re here to share our love of dance with you.

Give the Gift of Dance Classes

Young couple in love dancing in winter ParkWinter is here and the holidays will follow soon. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, another winter holiday, or you just want to give a gift during the season, give the gift of dance. If someone to whom you want to give a gift might appreciate dance lessons or classes, there are plenty of benefits to giving someone gift certificates for dance.

Dancing is a Fun Physical Activity

Has the recipient expressed a desire to start a new physical activity? Perhaps she or he wants a way to be more active and get more exercise. Dance is a great way to implement fun, low-impact movement into your normal exercise routine. It is also a method for adding a social element to your workout schedule and picking up a new hobby, all at the same time.

The Chance to Dance Together

If you and a friend have plans to go somewhere together, you want to dance with your husband or wife who cannot dance, or you want to have a dance partner for any reason in the future, then give them dance lessons or classes as a gift. You can even join in and take the classes with them. What better way to get in on the fun and prepare for your future fun together?

Dance Any Dance

You don’t have to buy gift certificates for a specific dance class. Your friend or family member can choose any class or lesson. That means if you have a friend who has always wanted to learn the Foxtrot, the Waltz, or Two-Step, they can now learn.

To the Happy Couple

Do you know a couple getting married in the new year? Dance lessons don’t have to be for an established dance. At Dance Passion Studio, we can help a couple prepare for their first dance as a married couple. We can choreograph something special and unique to them. This would make gift certificates for dance lessons both a great wedding gift or Christmas gift for a couple soon to be wed.

Dancing is always a good idea—at any time of the year. There are people all around you who would love to try a dance class or take some lessons. If you’re having trouble thinking of a gift to give, consider giving the gift of dance classes and lessons with us at Dance Passion Studio. They are available online only, so head to our Gift Certificate page to purchase.

Great Dance Films 

Most of us love movies, and many of us love all sorts of dance films. There are many entertaining flicks from which to choose. Below are some recommended great ones that feature some dances we teach right here at Dance Passion Studio.

Shall We Dance?: You may have heard of, or seen the American version of this film, starring Richard Gere. First, however, came the 1996 Japanese movie. The story is about a successful man with a wife and children who struggles to find meaning in his life. Then, he meets a beautiful ballroom dance teacher. His first waltz lesson with her immediately brightens his outlook, and his love for dance—specifically the waltz and quickstep, which are among the ballroom dances we teach at Dance Passion Studio—and infatuation with her change his life. It’s a charming film that’s well-worth watching, even if you aren’t a fan of subtitles.

Dirty DancingWho could forget this recent, instant classic? Even if you have already seen it, it is worth watching again. At a vacation camp for wealthy patrons, a poor, cynical dance instructor falls in love with the naïve daughter of a doctor. Not only is this story endlessly romantic—and the line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” is memorable—but the film features a variety of well-performed dances, and classic musical montages. Most of us love the final dance scene to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and Baby’s first successful lift. If you love the salsa dancing in this film, you can easily learn it with us.

Urban Cowboy: Though dancing is not central to the plot of this movie, fans love the dancing scenes. This story about love and the struggle for success in Texas features several dances at a honky-tonk bar in Houston, including the two-step, line dancing, and more. If you want to learn to dance like John Travolta at your next dance or trip to the honky-tonk, we can help with that, too.

Couples having dancing classWatching great dances is entertaining, but nothing is more fun than learning to dance for yourself. You don’t have to be an actor or professional dancer to learn. We have lessons for everyone at Dance Passion Studio. So, get inspired by some movies, and then after you enjoy the films, sign up for a class with us.

Heat Things Up: Salsa

Dance is an excellent way to get closer to someone. It is also a good way to feel good about yourself through an active, exciting pursuit. Whether it’s to liven things up with a partner, or feel better and more sensual, dances like salsa can help turn up the heat.

Salsa has its roots in Latin history and music. There are different styles and it is a very popular type of dance around the world. There are a few reasons why it has become so popular, including its energetic movements that look and feel sexy, and can inspire confidence.

Depositphotos_6828721_s-2015To understand salsa’s sensuality all you need to do is watch it. Salsa involves highly animated movements of the hips and legs, and is, overall, very fun to watch. It can be a shared experience when you engage in it with an intimate partner; through salsa, you and your partner can express your feelings for one another with your bodies in an active, exciting way. However, even if you do not already have a partner, the energy of salsa dancing provides ample exercise that can leaving you feeling equally good about yourself. Learning how to dance builds confidence, as does exercise that makes you feel healthy and invigorated. Combine those feelings with the sexy movements of salsa and you have found an exciting, healthy exercise routine for your body and your self-confidence.

Salsa is a dance for two. If you and your partner are searching for an exciting way to get closer, learning salsa is an excellent activity to pursue together. However, the personal benefits are also great reasons to take up lessons with a great teacher if you do not already have a partner. Who knows, if you take what you’ve learned to a public dance floor you may find your future, more permanent dance partner there.