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Call: 713-443-8275 5535 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77056

Dance Styles for Lessons in Houston

Ballroom Dances
Nothing equals the elegance of a couple gliding across the floor to the sounds of a beautiful Waltz, Foxtrot or Viennese Waltz. Also, the seductive Tango is considered a ballroom dance instead of a Latin dance as there is no hip motion. These are considered classic dances for wedding receptions and social events.
Belly Dance
Some say this sensual Middle Eastern dance is the oldest form of dance. In ancient times belly dancing was performed for other women (men were not allowed to attend the celebrations). The contemporary version of belly dancing with it's exotic movements and elaborate costumes have popularized this sultry ancient dance for women everywhere to enjoy.
Country Western Dances
As we all know, Houston is without a doubt the country western dance capital of the world! Popular club dances include: Two Step, Polka, Waltz, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Nightclub 2 Step. With a country western club on every corner, the Two Step is a must learn dance for anyone who lives in Texas.
Latin Dances
The rich history of the Latin American cultures is reflected in numerous sensual and intoxicating dances such as: Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Mambo, Bolero, and Paso Doble. These dances with their sexy hip movements along with the flashy turns and spins generally express the joy and abandon of tropical days and the sultry romantic evenings.
Swing Dances
The fun and exciting all American Swing has many names such as Jitterbug, Lindy, Jive, and single, double, or triple time East Coast Swing. With its fun spins and intricate patterns, swing is a very versatile dance that crosses into several styles of dancing. Also very popular is the slower West Coast Swing.
Wedding Dances
Besides the traditional Waltz and Foxtrot, the Salsa, Swing and Rumba are all very popular at contemporary weddings. Whatever dance you choose, we will help you create the wedding dance of your dreams for one of the most memorable days of your life.

Dance Descriptions

Bachata - Bachata is an easy Latin dance that originated in the country side of the Dominican Republic where it is danced to songs of romance (and heartbreak). It is characterized by a side to side motion and a 'pop' of the hip. Bachata is a favorite at the salsa dance clubs in Houston.
  Belly Dance - Belly dancing is the most feminine of all dances. With the provocative body rhythms of the hips and abdomen along with the fast shimmies, intricate coin belts and flowing scarves and costumes the sensual belly dance has evolved into an exotic art form that is danced world wide.
  Bolero - Bolero is one of the most beautiful, graceful, romantic dances ever created, danced to very slow Rumba music and counted Slow Quick Quick. The idea of Bolero is a little like a game of yes, no… come here, go away… I love you, I love you not.
  Cha Cha - This Latin dance is characterized by teasing hip motions and flashy high-spirited spins and movements. It is danced to upbeat Latin and pop sounds that exude flamboyance and playfulness.
  Cumbia - Cumbia began as a courtship dance among the slaves in the coastal regions of Colombia. The music is similar to that of salsa with it's many guitars, drums, percussion and brass instruments. As you will notice in the Latin dance clubs in Houston the hip movements are an important part of Cumbia as with any Latin dance.
  Foxtrot - The Foxtrot has been one of America's most popular dances since 1913. It is a great dance for beginners as it teaches the novice variety, maneuverability and how to combine steps easily. Classic Foxtrot songs like Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight' and Nat and Natalie Cole's romantic 'Unforgettable' make Foxtrot a favorite for wedding couples who often choose a Foxtrot for their first dance.
  Hip Hop - Hip Hop is a fun energetic street dance that is danced primarily to hip hop music as an individual or a group. With it's fast paced almost military like rhythmical precision this innovative dance is constantly evolving and is a favorite for music videos and dance shows.
  Mambo - Mambo became popular in the 40's as Americans became fascinated with the exciting rhythms emanating from the Latin countries. As with most Latin dances, the hip-movements are the key to looking authentic. Salsa is the more contemporary name for Mambo and is danced on the 1 beat while Mambo starts on the 2 beat.
  Merengue - Hot! Hot! Hot! It's Merengue, sometimes called the sister dance to Salsa, Merengue originated in the Caribbean around the 1850's and has grown in popularity as a worldwide dance due in part to the simplicity of the dance. It is a very easy dance for beginners, probably the easiest dance you will ever learn. The Merengue basic is danced as a walking step with a step taken on every beat of music. While hip movement is a must for Merengue, the amount of hip movement varies with personal preference.
  Night Club Two Step - This is an up-tempo romantic slow dance that combines the characteristics of several dances. It is danced to popular top 40 songs such as 'Lady in Red' and 'On the Wings of Love'.
  Paso Doble - The Spanish March or One Step makes an especially good exhibition routine as the man styles his body movements to look like a bullfighter's and leads the lady as his cape. Paso Doble has its roots in Flamenco and Matador movements.
Polka - The Polka is a high energy country western dance moving counter clockwise around the floor. Characterized by a bouncy triple step, Polka has intricate patterns with lots of spins and turns.
Rumba - The slow romantic Rumba is a passionate dance with powerful yet flirtatious moves making it a popular first dance for wedding couples. Rumba is also danced at Ballroom events and Latin clubs.
  Salsa - Salsa is the rage! As evidenced by recent commercials, advertisers have found this hot Latin dance sell. Salsa lover are very fortunate, as Houston is a hot spot for Salsa, there are plenty of great Latin clubs and awesome dancers. Salsa with its sexy hip movements along with the flashy turns and spins is one of the most sensual, energetic dances you will learn.
  Samba - Samba is a Latin dance with its origins in Brazilian carnival dances. It is danced to lively upbeat music. Carmen Miranda is generally credited with bringing the Brazilian rhythms to the United States in 1939.
  Swing - East Coast Swing - The high energy East Coast Swing has it's roots from popular club dance's like Lindy Hop and Jitterbug. In the 1940's East Coast Swing was created for the ballroom dance studios. It is characterized by an up-tempo, carefree, relaxed style that is easily adaptable to a wide range of tempos from moderately slow to fast music. With the fast paced turns and spins, East Coast Swing is now equally popular with Ballroom and Country Western dancers alike.
  Swing - Jitterbug Swing - With it's fun and playful nature Jitterbug is one of the most popular swing dances. This high energy dance with it's lively spins and light hearted music is guaranteed to keep your heart rate up and your blood flowing.
  Swing - West Coast Swing - West Coast Swing is a very interpretive dance characterized by slinky hip movements and flashy spins. Danced to a wide variety of music from rhythm-and-blues to top 40 hits. We recommend that dancers reach a basic level of dance before learning the more complicated West Coast Swing. Regional variations of West Coast Swing include Whip and Push.
  Tango - Commonly thought of as a provocative and sultry style of dance, the Tango is like a seduction. As exemplified in movies such as True Lies and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Tango is danced with fire and passion.
Two Step - The Texas Two Step is a must learn dance for Houstonians. It is a simple dance that is very easy for beginners. Danced moving counter clockwise around the dance floor, the Two Step is characterized by lots of fun turns and spins for the man and the lady.
Viennese Waltz - Formerly a court dance of aristocrats from Austria, this is the fastest of the Waltz tempos. With its smaller smooth turns, dancers seem to glide across the floor with grace and ease.
  Waltz - If there's a single dance that epitomizes the classics it would be the Waltz with it's flowing movements around the dance floor. Bridal parties and formal events often include this in their repertoire of dances.

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