Dance Passion Studio Houston Texas
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Call: 713-443-8275
5535 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77056
Call: 713-443-8275 5535 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77056
Couple Learning to Dance

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Come Dance With Us
We make it easy and we make it fun.

At Dance Passion we realize not everyone wants to learn to dance for the same reasons. You may have an upcoming special event where you would like to dance comfortably. Perhaps you're looking for a new exercise program, or maybe it's just something you've always wanted to do.

We offer the most popular Houston dance classes and private lessons including Ballroom, Salsa, Country Western, Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, Belly dancing and Wedding dance lessons. Why not try out a salsa class or maybe take a ballroom private lesson? Take a minute to ask yourself what you are in the mood for. No matter what the answer to that question is, our beautiful dance studio is well equipped for all of your dancing needs.

In any case, the instructors at Dance Passion are professionally trained to ensure that you get the highest quality instruction available.

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Dancing is a great way to express yourself, exercise and learn a new skill while having a lot of fun! There is a reason why it has transcended through time and still remains a very popular activity. In other words, people love to dance! Here at Dance Passion, we have made it our commitment to offer the best Houston dance lesson experience possible. We want you to not only learn how to dance, but learn how to love to dance. After all, dance is all about passion!

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