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Call: 713-443-8275
5535 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77056
Call: 713-443-8275 5535 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77056

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Salsa Classes

Immerse yourself in the salsa dance craze by joining us for our salsa classes and private lessons at Dance Passion Studio.

This fast paced social dance is hot all over the world and has quickly become the dance of choice for many Houstonians. With it's smooth, fluid movements combined with the flashy spins and sultry hip action this dynamic dance is fun for everyone!

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Salsa Dancing

Salsa Classes

Whether you are looking for something fun to do that gets you up and moving, a new hobby or an enjoyable way to meet new friends our salsa classes have something for everyone.

The classes are perfect for students who want to learn this energetic dance in a casual, relaxed setting. They are designed for any ability level from beginner to advanced and anywhere in between so there is always a place for you.

The beginner salsa classes start at the beginning with the basic steps and timing of salsa but quickly move along to some fast turns and eye-catching patterns. All the steps will be combined into a 'mini' routine so you can easily practice your new salsa moves.

In the pre-intermediate salsa class we learn the exciting traveling spins for the ladies along with some impressive new patterns to add to your growing repertoire of salsa steps.

In the intermediate salsa class you will learn flashy new social dance steps every month with everything from playful wraps to sizzling spins & fancy footwork. This class is where it all comes together and smokin hot salsa dancers emerge.

The advanced salsa class is reserved for the most talented and masterful students. If you envision yourself dancing intricate patterns with flamboyant styling and lightening fast spins this is the class for you!

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Private Lessons

If you prefer more one on one attention, we offer private salsa lessons. Benefits of private lessons include

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Receive one on one instruction for proper lead and follow techniques
  • Focus on just salsa or learn a variety of Latin dances

The professional instructors at Dance Passion Studio will have you dancing this exciting partner dance quickly and easily.

Other Latin Dances

While salsa is the most popular club dance. There are several other popular dances at the Latin clubs such as Cumbia, Bachata, Rumba, Cha Cha and Merengue. All Latin dances are taught in group classes and in private lessons.

Club Nights

Houston has some of the best Latin clubs and most phenomenal salsa dancers you will find anywhere. Salsa is an intoxicating dance with bold, saucy music that makes you want to get up and dance. So that's exactly what we do! Our students enjoy meeting up at the clubs for an evening out with fellow classmates and friends to practice their new steps. Dance the night away at the hottest Latin clubs in town on our salsa club nights for the most fun you will ever have dancing!

If you are ready to see what the salsa craze is all about. Join us for our salsa classes in Houston.

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